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Julia Roberts (American Actress)

Julia Fiona Roberts was born  in October 28, 1967. She is a well known  American actress and producer. She was most recognized for her early performance ‘Pretty Woman’ which is a classic romantic comedy for the 90s. She is the winner of

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Microsoft Band (Smart Watch)

Microsoft Band is also a good smart watch developed and distributed by Microsoft Corp. This smart band was first came out in October 2014. The Microsoft band possess health oriented and phone related features that make it a delightful little

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Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a Smart Watch. It is ticking on the millions of wrists around the world. The new operating system is Watch OS 2. Here is the updated review for it. It is the most latest and advanced gadget

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Siri (Apple virtual Assistant)

Siri is a software program of Apple Inc. which serves as a virtual personal assistant on your Apple devices and gadgets. Siri can be installed on IOS, Watch OS and Apple TV OS. Siri is the most popular virtual assistant

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Cortana (Microsoft Virtual Assistant)

Cortana is a new personal virtual assistant by Microsoft. It is originally created for Windows 8.1 but is also a part of Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile for free. The beauty of Corana is its voice recognition ability. The

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