Hakim Muhammad Saeed, A great person

Hakim Muhammad Saeed, A great person

Hakim saeed shb was such a legendry person who not only well recognized in Pakistan but also big part of medical world knows him. Every person in Pakistan who just has bit introduction of saeed shb, regardless of any sect, religion and community take his named with respect and dignity . It’s considering big achievement of Saeed shb because he remained political person once in Pakistan; he was appointed Governor of Sindh, Pakistan. Hakim saeed shb was Medical Researcher, scholar, philanthropist and a politician. During his life hakim shb not only served in medical field but his courtesy work speaks, he was brilliant intellectual person. He was very fond of miniature art and khatati (calligraphy). He published several journals for promote of calligraphy. There are so many tagged in which we can joint hakim Muhammad Saeed. He was great treasure for nation of Pakistan but sadly he was assassinated by group of unknown assailants.

Early Life Introduction

Hakim Muhammad Saeed was born on 9 January 1920 in New Delhi under British Indian Empire. His ancestor was associated with herbal medicine business, in continuity of his ancestor tradition he further continued herbal practice. He was the founder of “Hamdard waqf” Laboratories and “Hamdard” Medical university. Hakim saeed earn his early education from his home. He was understood and knows five different languages including Arabic, Persian and English.

Education and Servitude

On 1938, He take admission in university of Delhi after passing the entrance test and earned B.Pharm, which later he completed his Master in pharmacy. On 1942 he gained beholder degree in medicinal chemistry. When Pakistan came into being, hakim shb inhibited in Karachi with his wife and daughter. In 1952 he completed his PhD from Ankara University, Turkey. He founded Hamdard labortaries and served first director till his death in 1998.

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