How to Play Movies On Android

How to Play Movies On Android

On an Android, the most desirable thing among users worldwide is movie playing. The Android Operating System comes with a dull grey movie player of its own but it gives a lot less joy with its poor performance. Older Android models like Galaxy S2 had powerful arrangement to play the high definition movies. But as the manufacturers developed new versions of Android, it lacked the movie playing ability due to manufacturing politics.

It is only possible to play mp4 files with Android which is a major issue. The other favourite media formats cannot be played. That is because the newly manufactured Android Chip does not play the movie files well. its a hardware weakness. The following movie apps will add a lot of spice to your phone for playing movies if you have a good hardware.

Movies By Flixster

Flixter is a cloud based online library of films. It lets you Flixster lets you stream and download films. This app is free and facebook friendly as well. It is possible to download it from Google Play Store.

MX Player

MX player is also perfect for movie libraries as it plays any file formats and comes with a child lock. MX players already have more than 10,000,000 downloads and is growing tremendously.

Google Play Movies & TV

You can download thousands of movies from Google Play Movies which give the option to rent or buy the movies. They can be streamed online or downloaded.

Mobo Player

Mobo player resembles MX player which is an all purpose movie player for Android. It can decode any movie format and better than most other options for movie playing. If you have a powerful processor, then Mobo player should be your first choice. It gives great HD resolution for picture. Mobo player is available to download from Google Play.


VPlayer is a good movie player that does not come totally free. It gives a one week free tiral. It can decode a number of file formats and provide smooth high definition display. It is best for dual core processors and it does not eat up battery for media playing.


BigFlix has a free collection of biggest Bollywood movies. It serves Indian movie lovers to extreme fun. Tamil and Bengali block busters are also available. It takes a monthly fee and provide unlimited streaming. This is not a best option for the Hollywood but sure is for Bollywood.

VLC for Android Beta

Video LAN is an open source player well known for its powerful features and worldwide use on desktops and windows computers. It is a perfect option for Android as well. The Beta version for Android is good in handling a large number of media file formats. Powerful features like adjusting aspect ratio is available for Android. The full and final version will be an even great success but you can rely on the Beta version with no problems.





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