Hulk Hogan ( American Wrestler)

Hulk Hogan ( American Wrestler)

Hulk Hogan is best known as a wrestling legend of America for 3 decades. His real name was Terry Gene Bollea and was known in the ring by the name of  ‘Hulk Hogan” and ‘Hollywood Hogan”. He was born in 1963 in Georgia United States. He achieved phenomenal success as heavy weight wrester, actor and TV personality. He was the leader of NWO in WCW (World Championship Wrestling) back in late 90s and gained incredible recognition as a wrestler. He was included in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005.

Early Life & Wrestling Career

He moved to Tampa Florida when he was nearly two years old. His mother was a dance teacher. He played in the rock bands and baseball in his early life. He studies at the University of South Florida and decided to drop out of University for his love of music. He began weight lifting in Tampa and expressed his interest in professional wrestling in late 70s. Hogan became friends with Brutus beefcake (the professional wrestler) and developed a spectacular muscular body with weight training.That is the reason he was called ” The Hulk’ in the wrestling business. He won his first championship in 1979 against Harley Race. He started wrestling in WWF by impressing Vincent McMohan and defeated the legend Ted DiBiase in Madison Square Garden MSG.

The Success in 80s

In the 80s americans fans loved his wrestling moves and styles. He gave them signature moves and entertained them with his glamorous thrilling entrance. In 1983 he defeated various WWF wrestlers including the Iron Sheik. He developed good relationship with Bob Backlund and Gorilla Moonsoon. He used his own move called the “Big Boot” , a kick to the face to knock the opponent out permanently. It worked for him many times and he won belts after belts with his Big Boot kick.Rowdy Piper was his most noticeable rival in the WWF in the 1985. He successfully defended his title against King Kong Bundi, Paul Ondorf, Terry Funk and more.

He also wrestled in the tag matches and proved to become a powerful team member. He successfully defended his title against “Andre The Giant” in Wrestle mania 3. He also congratulated the Andre for being undefeated for 15 years and Andre became a good friend with him. Hogan remained unbeaten for three years in a row. He also worked under the management of Miss Elizabeth (the wife of Randy Savage).He even helped her get medical attention when she collided with Savage in a match.That made savage mad and he attacked Hogan.

The Incredible 90s

The loyal fans were called “Hulkamaniacs” who supported and cheered his fights in the Summer Slam and Survivor Series.Hogan won the Royal Rumble Match in 1990. He left WWE in the 90s for a while then returned back in 1993. He won the fifth WWF championship after defeating Yokozuna. Hogan joined WCW (World Championship Wrestling) in 1994 and remained there till 1996. At that time, WCW was gaining popularity and attracting the biggest superstars from all around the globe.

In 1996 he joined forces with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and formed NWO. The New World Order created Havoc in the WCW later on when they formed an alliance of villians agianst the superstars of WCW.They attacked everybody unfairly and confronted Rick Flair and Sting as major rivals.

Post WCW YEARS 2000 -2010

Hulk Hogan created a lot of mess in WCW but remained ever popular in his NWO days. He had to leave WCW in 2001 when Vince McMohan and HHH took charge of WCW and dissolved it into the mighty WWF. Sting, Hogan and Rey Mysterio were all broken hearted with this demise of WCW. He returned to WWF in 2002 and contronted THE ROCK and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was beaten by Rock.

He was still called “Hollywood Hogan” at that time. He lost his title to THE UNDERTAKER as well on the main event Judgement Day. He was also defeated by the great Kurt Angle who was the Olympic Gold medallist at that time for USA. Hogan used the “Real American” theme song for his entrances which became famous worldwide. In 2005 he was included in the WWE Hall of fame.

Hogan spent a little time away from WWE (Former WWF) due to his problems with Vince Mchoman and after defeating Randy Orton in Summer Slam, he joined TNA later. He again faced Rick Flair in TNA which reminded him the days of WCW. From 2011 t 2013 he remained out of WWE. In 2012 Hulk Hogan went to England for temporary matches and returned to WWE fourth time in 2014 and served as the host for welcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger in Wrestlemania 30.

Hogan appeared with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall again as NWO in the match between Sting and HHH in Wrestlemania 2015. Hogan was terminated from WWE in 2015. His merchandise in the Store Toys R Us was taken down due to his controversy of being involved in Racism. He was accused of using the name “Nigger” for black American people.

Personal Life and Beliefs

Between his wrestling days and in and out of WWE, he appeared on a number of TV shows. His chacter is favorite among the kids who play video games like RAW VS SMACKDOWN, WWE 1K15 AND WWE LEGENDS OF WRESTLEMANIA.He married Linda Hogan in 1983 and they have a daughter and a son.They were divorced which broke Hogan’s heart deeply and he thought of suicide.But his faith as being a true Christian and a believer of Jesus saved him from suicide.

He had a lot of nicknames over the years,some of them are “The Immortal”,”The incredible”,”Hollywood Hogan”,”The Hulkster” and ” The Unstoppable Force”.

His most famous entrance themes were “The Real American” and ” Eye of the Tiger”. Both hits were super hits and Hogan gave them even more recognition worldwide.

His finishing moves were devastating. Commentators gave them different names like “Axe Bomber”, “Leg Drop”, “Big Boot’, “Body Slam”, “Atomic Drop” and “Back breaker”.

Among the list of all time greatest wrestlers of WWE, Hulk Hogan will always be remembered and loved as an icon. His magnetic personality attracts everyone inside the ring and outside everywhere.Although his contract with WWE has expired, but who knows when or how he might return to ring again and amaze the world.









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