James Cameron

James Cameron

James Francis Cameron was born in August 1964. He is most famous for his legendary movies but he is also an inventor, a deep sea diver and an explorer. He is famous for his science fiction action thriller legendary movie Terminator. The Aliens and Abyss are also his great movies of 80s.

His Terminator 2 movie in 90s made his phenominal film maker. Further True Lies and titanic in 90s made him a great legend in the history of Hollywood. Let us see his brief life and career.

Early Life

He was born in Ontario Canada where he spent his early life. He  studied physics in Fullerton College but dropped out of college. He worked as a writer and truck driver when in his spare time.He started learning special effects and made his first movie Star Wars in 1977. He was the special effect director of the Spawning in 1982.

The Success

He had some problems while starting to direct Terminator. He found a production company that finally let him direct that movie.He met Australian body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger who expressed his willingness to perform as a Hero in the movie. They discussed the role in a lunch party and dismissed the other candidate for the Hero. Terminator made 6.5 million in 1980s on the box office.

in 1985, Rambo First Blood was made. Cameron continued with Aliens and Terminator. The aliens made a big impact on Hollywood for its science fiction storyline and theme.In 1989, Cameron went ahead to make The Abyss. It was also the most expensive movie of that time for $41 million U.S.

Post Terminator Career

In 1991, James Cameron made Terminator 2 with Arnold again. The film was called Terminator 2: The judgement day. It broke the box office records of its time tremendously.Linda Hamilton played the memorable role of Sarah with Arnold. Film completed in time and was into theatres in July 1991. Then it was released worldwide in Asia, Europe and Australia where it did great business.It earned 200 million dollars in USA only. Terminator 2 came out in 2003 just before Arnold went into politics to become Mayor.

In 1994, True Lies was a smash hit with Arnold again. It earned  $232 million abroad. Titanic in 1997 was his biggest legendary hit. He bravely took shots of real sunk Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean to shoot the film. The two new actors were  Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Titanic had an incredibly strong script which earned $600.8 million in the United States and Canada and more than $1.84 billion worldwide. It was the 11 academy award winning film with Ben Hur.

After the great achievement Titanic, the Dark Angel and Spider Man also hit the top in film industry in 2002. Cameron opened a visual effects and technology company Digital Domain. He did a lot of research in Mars Science Academy for making a movie on Mars as well.

Post Avatar Career

James made Avatar, an animated graphical movie in 2009 with an estimated budget of 3 million dollars. It took more time and cost for completion. He has announced his plan to release the three parts of Avatar in 2016,2017 and 2018.

Cameron married five times. His wives were Sharon Williams, Gale Ann Hurd, director Kathryn Bigelow, Linda Hamilton and Suzy Amis. His present wife is Suzy Amis who is a former actress and a model.

On March 26, 2012, Cameron continued his journey of deep sea diving and dived into the deepest part of Mariana trench. He also made a film of his dive. During the making of Titanic, Kate Winslet said the James is a nice man but he is short of temper, i would not work with him again if he does not pay me good money in future.

James Cameron got a degree of Doctor of Fine Arts from California State University.He was  included in the Hollywood Walk of Fame after making Avatar.

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