James Stuart Blackton,Inventor of Motion Pictures

James Stuart Blackton,Inventor of Motion Pictures

British Born James Stuart Blackton, was the first pioneer and father of motion pictures. He was born in Sheffield, England on 5 January 1875, which later after was migrated to America. James was a famous film producer, he was invented first silent cartoon animation film which his work and invention was emphasized after him. The Enchanted drawing was released in 1900, and was produced by standard picture film was first motion picture which was made by James Struart Blackton.

Early Career and Inspiration:

His first career from which he started his earning was journalist and illustrator for The New York World. The Idea which inspired him for motion pictures, when he was gone for interview of Thomas Edison, there Blackton showed his illustration to Edison, he was greatly adore his work and suggest to do photograph them with new kinetograph camera. Idea to photograph the cartoon illustration was hit in his mind, in an evening of 1896; he brought the kinetograph camera and started to filmed with the help of his friend Albert E. Smith. The inventor did such a good job selling the art of movie-making that he talked Blackton and partner Smith into buying a print of the new films.

Major production:

During the process of his coming invention, James was also run Vitagraph Studio, James was engaged in production, direction , writing and even starring his own self in films. The Enchanted Drawings was the first complete version of the idea which was sponsored and finance by all the production and direction he made through his studio Vitagraph. In 1907 another series of stop motion by James was released; The Haunted Hotel, which was an action film. 1908 he made American version of Romeo Juliet and in 1915 James was produced the film The Battle Cry for Peace. It said that he sold the vitagraph studio when his partner left smith to Warner Bros for a comfortable profit.

Uncalled Death:

James Stuart Blackton, the great inventor of motion picture was died in result of road accident after a serious head injury. He was working of Hal Roach but early death left his experimental work undone in which he improving methods of color processing

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