Japan as a great nation-Background of Japan-Japan’s history

Japan as a great nation-Background of Japan-Japan’s history

What is Japan Famous For?

Japan is a Small Island in East Asia and it has a strong economic background. Japan  is mostly known for high  tech product and automobile like the different brands of cars, like Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, Etc…. and brands of big brands like Hino,  Mazda, Fuji.. And many other Brands. It is known for the bullet trains Food Brands like sushi and Origami and Cultural Civilization and traditions. It is a Famous quotation about Japan that, “Japan is the Land of Rising Sun”, other things which makes Japan is that it is the land where lots of earthquakes are happening. It is also famous for the Sumo Wrestlers. Japan is also famous that it is the third super Power in the world included Military status, Nuclear Power, and every type of  defensive plan in Japan.

The population of Japan

According to the latest survey of 2013 the total Population of the Japan is estimated 126.66 million people, if we compare the population of Japan with other country,  then it is greater than the population of South Korea, but is less than the Population of Russia. If we divide the total population on total area then it comes that about 873.1 People per square mile is total density.

Demographic and Religion

Yamato Japanese is the largest ethnic group in Japan approximately 98.5% of the Total Population. The other one is Korean ethnic (1.5%), some Chinese and other small indigenous groups.  Japanese is the official language of Japan; about 99% populations speak Japanese. There are three other language included, Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana. Shinto and Buddhism are the two major religions in Japan, while some other minority religions included Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity and Judaism are practiced in Japan.


In sports industry Sumo Wrestling and football are the popular games, which only men can play this game. Sumo Wrestling is the National game. Except these all other games like baseball, tennis, Snooker has been playing.

Japan’s Entertainment Industry

The Japanese Entertainment Industry is considered as one of the largest and creative industry .Karaoke is the famous Japanese instrumental version of songs, in comics and animation included “Mange and Anomie” in Parking “Amusement Park and many local Parks”, Pachinko is a famous musical instrument invented by Japan.







Creative Ability
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The overview provides the Worh of Japan in the modern world as a strong economic and nuclear power. you can ad further views through the comments.


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