Jimmy Wales, Creator of Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales, Creator of Wikipedia

Jimmy Donal Wales was born on 7 August 1966 in Huntsville, Alabama. Early education he takes from his parental school which was run by his mother and grandmother, throughout eight grades he take education from here. Interesting thing about this school was that it consisted at one room. His Education was preceded according to Montessori system. In the start of early life he spent his most time in reading and studying encyclopedias. This is the credibility for which reason he creates ability to think creatively, later after who helped him being famous and the creation of Wikipedia.

Early Education and Life:

Jimmy is famous creator of Wikipedia. He attended Randolph preparatory school and takes university education from Auburn University where he was studied finance. When he completed his graduation he was started for studying his doctoral program in finance at the University of Alabama. Meanwhile Jimmy was enrolled in Indiana University before leaving Alabama University, although he didn’t submit the thesis but thought in both universities.

Marriage and Personal Life:

Jimmy was first married with Pamela Green when he was twenty years old, she was his co-worker at a grocery store in Alabama. Jimmy was divorced from Pamela in 1993. Her second marriage he takes with Christine Rohan, they both were married in Monroe County, Florida in March 1997. They also were divorced but Jimmy has daughter from Christine. Third marriage jimmy takes with Kate Garvey in London on 6 October 2012, who is former secretary of Tony Blair. Kate gave him second daughter, now he has two daughters one from Christine and one from Kate.

Work and contribution:

Jimmy from very early age of internet remained interested. In 1996 he was confound a firm with startup called Bornis. Although the attempt of pursuing Bornis does not remained very successful but in motivates him for the vision of creating an online encyclopaedia. So he launched an open content peer moderated site named Nupedia and higher an academic Larry Sanger for services as editor in chief. Model of wiki was adopted in 2001; result of it, they launched Wikipedia. Wikipedia was attracted for more and more participant and gained more traffic. Jimmy owns Wikipedia conceptual ownership while Sanger was his co-founder with him, Pursuing Wikipedia In 2003; Wikimedia a non-profitable organization was founded who is also founded by Jimmy Wales.

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