Joel Osteen (American Preacher / Author)

Joel Osteen (American Preacher / Author)

Joel Scott Osteen (was born in born March 5, 1963. He is an American preacher, an author and a Senior Pastor.He was born in Houston Texas and was the sixth child of John  Osteen.His father was a Baptist and a former preacher as well.he found the Lakewood Church of which Joel is the sSenir paster now. Lakewood Church now is the largest Church in America.

Early Life

Joel is 52 years old and is famous for his nickname “ The smiling Preacher”. He released his first book by Time Warner in 2004 and it became the  best seller according to the New York Times. He graduated from Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma. His majors were Radio and Communications. He did not complete his graduation and was not able to get a degree.In 1982, he returned to Lakewood and started a television program. His father died of a heart attack suddenly.

Preaching Career

His Father John taught him to preach for  many years before his death.  Until January 1999 he was working behind the scenes in the Lakewood Church and was not having a plan to lead the team. As he became the Senior Pastor of the church in 1999 October, the attendance of Church increased from 5,000 to 43,000. In 2003, Lakewood Church acquired Compaq Center.They added five more storeys into it and  56,0000  people came for the opening ceremony.

The services of Lakewood Church are seen by 100 countires in the world.Joel was the 10 most Fascinating people of the world in 2006.The politicians and educationists describe him an influencial author and leader.The Joel and his family were hosted by President Obama in 2010.

Style and Legacy

He focus mainly on the goodness and mercy of God rather than his fear and sins of evil people. He has a unique way to teach Bible  principles with humor and fun. He emphasizes on positive attitude and power of love for God and his people. In an interview when asked about his preaching, he was asked why he did not focus on devil and hell. He never seem to talk about the enemy directly. He said “ I just doesn’t come out of me to say, ‘You guys are terrible, and you’re going to Hell.’ I’d rather say that God is a God of mercy. You’ve got to live an obedient life, but for every mistake you’ve made, there’s mercy there, and I believe we can do better.”

First book of Joel Osteen “7 Steps to living your full potential” in 2004 reacher No 1 and the best seller according to Newyork Times. He released hi second book “ 7keys to improving your life Everyday” was also the best seller according to Newyork Times in 2007. The book touches the ever impotant topic of stuck relationships. The world needed that book and responded massively as it sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

Personal Life

He married co-pastor Victoria Iloff  in 1987. Now she has become Victoria Osteen and his beloved partner in the development of Church.They have one son and a daughter. His other siblings are Paul Osteen, Lisa Osteen and Tamara Osteen.They are also involved in full time preaching and ministry.

Pastor Joel not prefer to talk on the sensitive issues like same sex marriages, politics and abortion. Rather, he keeps his focus on the goodness of God because he is mighty enough to forgive all the sins. But he clearly says that the adultery is a sin according to the scripture.He says we should love people instead of judging them because judging is a role of God.Joel clears his point that he does not preach people for getting worldy riches and fame.Blessing as whole is lot more than money, many people have money but they are not prosper.



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