Where the name comes of John Dalton the mind diverted towards the atomic and atmospheric experiments and laws. As John Dalton was very sharp and a person with hundreds of mind from his early age have a craze of study and found to study. As john Dalton belongs to a very poor family but his hardworking finished their poorness. He was a son of poor Quaker weaver and help his family by earning through partly job to provide his family. At the early age he wants to learn more as soon as possible. His activities of learning made him a teacher at the age of twelve year in a school. His progress and skills of learning and study rapidly approaches to the peak and he became a principal of a large school at the age of eighteen. During his period of teaching he starts work at lab and performed different experiments and his first experiment was on METEOROLOGY”.

He has a different attraction among the weather and mostly used to watch the weather and track the weather to examine what begins in order to predict the weather through out of his entire life his worth against math and science increases his mental level as well as his eager. John started study about color blinding because his brother and sister were suffering from the same condition and after enough study he came at the result that color blinding is hereditary although his all experiments were not found accurate completely but he accurately discover that color blinding is hereditary and known as the name of DALTONISM”.

Dalton study relates to weather encourage him to study about atmosphere where he know the atmospheric pressure and starts studying on the atmospheric pressure which diverts him among the gasses and the deeply thought and study about gasses and atmospheric pressure and through his personal experiments he concluded the result that gasses and air are made up of molecules which combined together and form air or gasses and not a chemical solvent.

He also discover by his hard working and lots of experiments on gasses and atmosphere that the total pressure of a  system is going to be equal to the partial pressure of each individual gas and its known as “ Dolton’s law of partial pressure”. His discovery was his one of the largest discovery that is all the matters are made up of individual atoms. His this discovery was mentioned in his atomic theory known as DALTON’S ATOMIC THEORY”.

His atomic theory consist of four main points which are as follow:

  1. All the matters are made of small particles called atoms. Atoms can’t be divided, created nor destroyed.
  2. All atoms of a certain element are identical in mass and properties but are always different from one element to the other.
  3. Compounds are formed by combining two or more different kinds of atoms, compounds can never be a half of a particular atom.
  4. The rearrangement of atoms is a chemical reaction.

As some of the part of his theory found to be false but most of his points are use now a days in our daily chemical reactions. As in his theory atom cannot be divided but it can be destroy by nuclear fission and also can discover the atom by smallest particles like as electron, photon etc. in that sense some of his points of atomic theory proof as wrong.

John Dalton is very well known scientist and chemist due to his newly experiments and he received many honors for the work he did in his life. Before his death, he was offered by great honor, he received honorary doctorates form “Oxford and Edinburgh University.” John Dalton died of a stroke at the age of 77 in 1844. Now in the early time of success today, the basic understanding of chemistry depend upon the theories and experimental conclusions of John Dalton.

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