John Lennon, Great Singer and Songwriter

John Lennon, Great Singer and Songwriter

John Lennon was the lead singer of “The Beatles” a song writer and composer. He was met with Paul McCartney in 1957 and asks him to join his music group. Both they were formed a most successful songwriting partnership in the music history. Lennon was the founder of the famous band The Beatles, which had a great impact of the music societies. But after years in 1969 Lennon was left The Beatles and released his solo album along with his wife Yoko Ono, Who is also a great singer and songwriter.

Family Background:

Famous singer, song writer John Winston Lennon was born on 9 October 1940 in Liverpool, Merseyside England. He was raised and takes care of by his Aunt Mimi. His father was a sales merchant and was left him and his mother, when he was only four year old while her mother Julia was remarried with another person. She was often visit to him, watching him playing banjo and the piano, She was the first purchased the guitar for him. His Aunt Mimi was died in his teen age, she was fatally struck by car driving by an off duty police officer in July 1958.

Early Education:

After his primary education from Dovedale Primary School, Lennon was attended Quarry Bank High School in Liverpool. Lennon in his school period remain very mischievous child and prankster who get enjoyed in trouble, he take special interest in art subject even his teacher were said he must studied in art school for his special talent in art. He was famous in school for making grotesque art and for the cripples. Lennon was remained failed in all his GCE O-Level examination, he was accepted in Liverpool College of Art only for his aunt and headmaster intervened. He thrown out from college before of his final year due to several complains of his rude and unexpected behavior.

Singing and Music:

After came into music industry, Lennon made a pop music band with the name The Beatles, while he was the lead singer of the band. The Beatles got very popular is just days; in 1964 The Beatles became the first British band to break out big in Unites States. After coming from United States, The Beatles made their own film A Hard Day’s Night, second film Help was released in following next year in 1965. Beatles became so popular that at New York’s Shea Stadium had more than fifty thousand of fan for watching their performance. Lennon was left The Beatles due to high controversies, he was married with Yoko Ono, to whom with co-ordination he was released his solo songs and albums. He was murdered in his age of forty by his crazy fan after his solo stage performance.

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