Joyce Meyer (American Preacher & Author)

Joyce Meyer (American Preacher & Author)


Pauline Joyce Hutchison globally known as Joyce Meyer was born in 1943 and is a charismatic personality of America in the filed of preaching, as an author and public speaker. Joyce and her husband Dave have four children. She lives near St. Louis , Missouri.She has a ministry called ‘ Joyce Meyer Ministeries” near Fenton.She is 72 years old and is considered the best ever Bible teacher in America. She could also be pronounced a life coah or wellness coach through teachings of bible.
Early Life
Her father was an army man who fougth the world war ii.He was a mean person and used to abuse her physically and mentally.She was the graduate of O’Fallon Technical High School where she married a sales man. Their marriage could not last longer than 5 years. She was deeply unhappy during her childhood and started learning religion. Her faith led her to study bile regularly and 1985 was the year of her ministry. Her ex husband used to be a notorious person and was a cheater as revealed by Joyce. He forced her to steal the money from her ex employer for the vacation. They were divorced later.
The Ministry And Preaching
She married Dave in 1976 who was also a strong believer of God. She built her ministry with Dave and worked hard by starting poor. In 1993 they started their TV appearances for the ministry. Then they started their radio appearances in Chicago and Kansas City. In 2002, a publisher group paid Joyce 10 million dollars for her books. In 2005, Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America” ranked Meyer as 17th
Joyce own her private Jet and travels around the world for her preachings and helping activities.She has offices In United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Usa and Asia. Some people criticize her spending habits, but she says it is ok to be blessed and not feel guilty about itt. She donates a lot of her salary back into the ministry for promotion.Her books are widely sold on where she receives royalty.
Joyce said in her speeches that “she had a lot of problems in her early life. She needed somebody to help her along her way.She says that people who are destined to serve God have a lot of problems in this path. That is why people don’t think right, act right and behave right. But the battle of life is not to be won without God’s hand”.
Her magazine circulates the world every month “ Enjoying Everyday Life”. It is full of hope and faith related stories and true articles.
Her style
Joyce is like a teacher, a child and a mother to her audiances.she not only teaches the deeper essential concepts of Bible in perfect way but she also express a lot of run and humor during her delivery. She focuses on the main theme with her incredible sense of humor. The audience is greatly entertained as well when they leave. They leave happy and much more informative than before.She has made millions of fans around the world and have transformed the lives of thousands only in America. The main reason for her wealth is her devotion towards God.

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