Karl Marx the Great philosopher of Prussia

Karl Marx the Great philosopher of Prussia

Karl Marx was one of the great principal originators of “scientific socialism”. Karl Marx was also the great Philosopher of the German. Karl Marx was also the famous Economist of the German. Karl Marx was also a great Journalist in his time. His writings form the theoretical basis of Communism. Karl Marx was born in 5th May 1818 in Trier which was the famous kingdom of Prussia. This kingdom was the famous as its industrial Background in those days.

Karl Marx starts his education career by taking the admission in a gymnastic of Trier in 1830. Karl Marx remains as a student in that school for 5 years. Karl Marx leaved the gymnastic school in 1835. When Karl Marx reached at the age of 17th he got the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in “a young man was about to become ‘professionals’ perceptions”. Karl Marx joined Berlin University of Boon after leaving the Gymnastic school. Karl Marx learns the Knowledge of LAW. Law is the favorite subject of the Karl Marx but Karl Marx also like the philosophy and history subjects. Karl Marx wanted to devote himself for the sake of humanity. Karl Marx wanted to help the people in anyway. When Karl Marx completed his education from university then he wanted to teach the students in his University. But Karl Marx was know that there is not any value of the professor life in Prussia

Rheinsische Zeitung advised the Karl Marx to take your interest in Politics. Karl Marx joined a Newspaper company of 1842 in April. And Karl Marx also becomes the editor of that newspaper company. Karl Marx writes many articles on the Rheinsische Zeitung to make him a famous politician of the German. Karl Marx was become the famous editor in his time. Karl Marx was aware well about the Economic and social situation about his country and he wanted to do something for his country. Lyons is the labor unrest of 1831 and 1834, workers in Britain at the end of 1830 a wave of revolutionary movement. Karl Marx wants to aware about their situation. Karl Marx do hard work and he provided all the rights for the labors in 1842

Karl Marx  Married with Jenny von Wesrphalen in 1836. Karl Marx has two daughters. Karl Marx first daughter name was Jenny Carolina. Karl Marx’s second daughter name was Jenny Laura Marx. Karl Marx’ daughters name was given by his Wife Jenny Von Wesphalen. Karl Marx was died at the age of 64. Karl Marx’s actual date of died is 14th March 1883. Karl Marx was the great philosopher. Karl Marx had done many work in the field of History, Labour, Economics, Sociology, Politics and Class Struggle.

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