Larry Page, CEO of Google

Larry Page, CEO of Google

Larry Page is computer scientist and famous American co founder of Google. He was teamed up with Sargey Brin for making of Google, who is Russian co founder or Google. He was met with Sargey Brin in Stanford University, then both of them were created famous search engine that would sort web pages on popularity. Google was launched in 1998, since then it became so vital in internet world and consider most popular search engine in the world. Google was the named adopted from mathematical term googol.

Early life and Education:

Larry Page was born in East Lansing, Michigan in 26 March 1973. His father Carl Page is PhD computer scientist and consider as a pioneer in computer science and artificial intelligence. Carl is a computer professor and currently studying in Michigan State University. While his mother Gloria was taught computer programming and an instructor in Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University. Larry earned his Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from University of Michigan. After completing his degree in engineering, Larry was entered in Stanford University where he met with Sergey Brin; other co founder of Google. Since launching the Google, the company has become most popular in the world.

invention and foundation:

Larry Page and Sargey Brin are both Stanford fellows, they were met during their graduate fellowship. They were created a web search engine whose purpose was to arrange websites in its popularity order. The idea was very brilliant and it was accepted and adopted spontaneously. The both were built company in 1998 whose headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. Now Google is consider the world most popular search engine with nearly six billion searchers per day. After the great success of web search engine , Google purchased most popular video streaming web site YouTube in 2006. Larry is now currently CEO of Google, while Brin is project manager of the company.

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