Lech Walesa, Nobel Prize winner for Peace

Lech Walesa,  Nobel Prize winner for Peace

Lech Walesa was the famous labor activist of Poland and later become Polish president, He was helped the labor and formed first independent Communist Poland’s trade Union. He was awarded with Nobel Prize for peace for his participation and contribution for human rights.

Family and Background:

Lech Walesa was born in 29 September 1943 in Popowo, Poland.his father was a carpenter and it’s said that his father Boleslaw was arrested by Nazis before his birth. Boleslaw was returned home after the War ended but was died just after two month later due to exhaustion and illness. His mother, Feliksa played an important part for his son’s belief and tenacity. Lech was graduated from primary and vocational school in nearby Chalin and Lipno as a qualified electrician in 1961. After his education he was worked as car mechanic nearly four years till 1965, later he was also served in military before of working at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk current known as the Gdańsk Shipyard, Stocznia Gdańska. Lech was served as an electrician from 12 July 1967. Two years later on 8 December 1969, he was married with Danuta , and have eight children .

Struggle and contribution:

Lech was elected as the national leader of the independent trade union movement in1980, soon after it he was elected for a non communist worker movement named as Solidarity. He led successful strikes in summer of 1980, some of their demands were accepted but meanwhile Russian General Jaruzelski cracked down on the movement, in the result of Lech was kept under house arrest. During these years government made life very difficult for Solidarity worker but Lech was remained as symbol for their hop. This movement in 1983 was received his international recognition same year when Lech was awarded with Nobel prize for Peace, His wife was received his award on behalf of her husband.


Lech was elected Poland’s first president of the republic of Poland after the fall of Berlin Wall. In December 1990 in a general ballot he was elected president of the republic of Poland; he was served until election of November 1995.

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