Leo Tolstoy, Great Russian Realist Writer

Leo Tolstoy, Great Russian Realist Writer

Leo Tolstoy is famous Russian and international renowned writer and author. He was born, educated and civilized in Russia, the time when Russian was faced education lake and no name of civilization. He was true legend of Russia who was from his literature, awaked the nation and give language to emotion and sentiments to Russian people, in the the time when they were mute from expression. He was not only famous for his just one novel or story but there are numbers of novels and thousands of priceless words were stands at his back.

Early Life and Education:

Leo Tolstoy was born on 9 September in 1828 In Yasnaya Polyana , Tula province of Russia. His mother née Princess Volkonskaya was died when Tolstoy was only 8 years old, after death of his mother, Tolstoy father with the help of his cousin ; was started for take caring of his four children, in which Tolstoy was the youngest one . Seven years after of his mother lose, Tolstoy’s father; Count Nikolay Tolstoy was passed away. Tolstoy and his siblings were handed out to their aunt but tragically their aunt were also died . After while their second aunt was appointed for take caring of them, they were moved to their aunt house in Kazan Russia. The pain and agony depicts in his writing, Tolstoy was feel very early in his childhood age, through the loss of this important and caring ones.

Early Education:

Early Education and primary Education of Tolstoy, he received from his French and German Tutor. He was attended the oriental language programs at university of Kazan. Later he was enrolled for Law programs which were easy as compare to his oriental studies. It’s said that could not attain success in his oriental programs that’s why he starts Law , he was completed his university education and left for his parental estate where he starts farming but again failure was waiting ,Tolstoy was failed in farming but that’s was not the end of it. He starts his career in Journal where he was remained quite successful.

Work and contribution:

Tolstoy wrote his first Successful novel War and Peace in 1860’s. War and Peace is peace of classic Russian literature, interesting thing of being this novel belonged to Russian literature, and it put light at Napoleonic wars combined with its prudent and polite developments of the realistic characters. Honor that Russian literature has being written in more and more realistic manners, and Tolstoy acknowledged equally as responsive of this tradition. Second best novel he gave was Anna Karenina; it was beautifully plotted and uniquely written. Anna Karenina was the major drop among the critics and writer, reason that it was engaged his reader for more than four years from 1873 to 1877. Anna Karenina was published in instalments forms and completed in 1877, although Anna Karenina was depicted in family positions and bearing but meanwhile this was the time when Russia conducted war against Turkey and all the partial events and situations were crafted in his this Novel. Which was another reason took place for Anna Karenina’s success. It is said that royalties of his books were contributed to his own wealth

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