Leonid Kantorovich, the great mathematician and economist.

by Rubab Shaykh | January 8, 2014 9:05 am

Leonid Kantorovich Known as a Soviet Mathematician and Economist.   As a professor at Leningrader State University, He developed the linear programming model ad tools of economic planning. He used mathematical techniques as to show how decentralization of decision of decision making in a planned economy, which ultimately depends on a system in which prices are based on the relative scarcity of resources. His UN categorical critical analyses of Soviet economic policy often clashed with the views of his orthodox Marxist Colleagues.  His most remarkable work is “The Best Use of economic Resources (1959).” He And Tallying Koopmans awarded with the “Noble Prize” for their work on optimal allocation of scarce resources.

Leonid Kantorovich was Born On January 19, 1912 into a Russian Jewish Family. His father was a doctor, practicing in Saint Petersburg. He started his studies at the Leningrad University at the age of 14. He passed his graduation in BS (Math) in 1930, and continues his studies.  In 1934 at the e age of 22, he became a full professor.  He authored several books, including “The Mathematical Method of Production Planning and Organization” and “The Best Uses of The Economic Resources.”  For his work, he awarded with the Stalin Prize in 1949.

He worked as professor of Military Engineering- Technical University. During the blockade of Leningrad, Kantorovich served as a professor of VITU of Navy and in charge of safety on the “Road of Life’ He calculated the Optical distance between cars on ice, depending on the thickness of ice and the temperature of the air. Kantorovich personally walked between cars driving on the ice of Lake Ladoga, in December 1941 and January 1942 on the “Road Life”, to ensure the cars did not sink.  During this Journey German force fired the Bomb and destroyed the many cars.   With his fat hand courage, Kantorovich was awarded with the “Order of The Patriotic War” and was decorated with the Medal “For Defense of Leningrad.”

Kantorovich research in mathematics had important results in Functional Analysis, Approximately Theory and operator theory. He also formulated particular results in the neither “Theory of normed Vector Lattices” which is called “L spaces” in his honor. He showed that the functional analysis could be used in the analysis in the theory of “Interactive Method” and of “Network Method”. Kanorovich considered Infinite – Dimensional Optimization problems, such as the Kantorovich Monger Problem in the “Transportation Theory” and in the theory of the “weak Convergence “of Probability Measures.  Kantorovich was also awarded with the Soviet Government’s Lenin Prize In 1965 and the Order of Lenin in 1967. Kantorovich also worked as a professor at the “University of Leningrad”. He became Director of Mathematical Economic Methods of the Siberian Division of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.  The latter in 1971 he was appointed as a laboratory chief of the “Institute Of, National Economic Management in Moscow”After Covering long distances of his achievement, he died on April 7, 1986 in Moscow.




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