Liaqat Ali Khan the Great pakistan Leader and Politician

Liaqat Ali Khan the Great pakistan Leader and Politician

Liaqat Ali Khan was the great leader of Pakistan history. Liaqat Ali Khan was also one of the leading Founding Fathers of Pakistan. Liaqat Ali Khan established many laws and policies in Pakistan during his governments. Liaqat Ali Khan was a great Lawyer and also was the great Political Theorist in Pakistan. Liaqat Ali Khan was also known as the first Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Liaqat Ali Khan was also the first Defence Minister of Pakistan Defence Authorities and also the first Minister of Commonwealth and Kashmir Matters.

Liaqat Ali Khan was born in 1st October 1896 during the British government in Subcontinent and in the District of Karnal India. Liaqat Ali Khan was belonging to a famous and richest family of Karnal in Sub Continent. Liaqat Ali Khan’s father name was Nawab Rustam Ali Khan. His father was known as the Shamsher Jang and also by the name of Nawab Bahadur in Karnal during British government in Sub Continent. Liaqat Ali Khan’s was also famous by the name of Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan. Mostly people call him by the name of Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan because you belonging to a richest family in Subcontinent and in Karnal.

Liaqat Ali Khan start his educational life from Karnal. After completing the primary education in Karnal Liaqat Ali Khan was shift to Aligarh for Higher education  and take admission in the Aligarh’s famous College (MAO College) which now days known as the Aligarh Muslims University. From here Liaqat Ali Khan passed the BSc in Political science and after that Liaqat Ali Khan passed the LLB in 1918. After it Liaqat Ali Khan went to England for getting more education and take admission in the Oxford University’s Exeter College. Liaqat Ali Khan was the brilliant student he got many scholarships and prizes during his educational life. After completing the higher education Liaqat Ali Khan was return home in 1923 and start practice as national Politics. Liaqat Ali Khan was become the member of the All India Muslim League and start fight for the rights of Muslims in Sub Continent.

Liaqat Ali Khan also joined the Company of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and learn a lot from him. After establishment of Nehru report Quaid-e-Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan joined the first Round table Conference in November 1930 to January 1931. Allama Iqbal was also took part in the first round table conference. Allama Iqbal clearly mentioned in his address that there are three separate nations in Subcontinent (Hindu, Muslims and British), I request you to make separate homeland for the Muslims in Subcontinent or for the peace in Sub Continent. Liaqat Ali Khan wad also against in the Hindus and Muslims Unity because he knows that they belong to a separate religions. Liaqat Ali Khan got married in 1918 with his cousin Jahangira Begum.

Liaqat Ali Khan started the struggled with Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. After struggled with Quaid-e-Azama they succeed to passed the Lahore (Pakistan) resolution in 23rd March 1940, which was the greatest achievement toward the independence of Pakistan

After this Liaqat Ali Khan worked with Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad and they also succeed to made Pakistan a saperate independent country for Muslims in Subcontinent. Liaqat Ali Khan was became the Pakistan’s First Prime minister. Under his government we found a lot of events like first war between India and Pakistan were occurred during hi government in 1947-48, Under his government Pakistan became a complete part of the United nation and the first visit by Liaqat Ali Khan was toward United State. Liaqat Ali Khan was established many laws and policies during his government, He also handled the entire situation after the War and after the death of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Liaqat Ali Khan was remaining as the Prime minister of Pakistan for 4 years. On 16th October 1951 when Liaqat Ali Khan was addressed the audience in annual meeting of Muslims City league in Company Park Rawalpindi and Afghan Killer shouted twice in the chest of Liaqat Ali Khan. Police also shot the Afghan killer in that occasion. The killer name war Saad Akbar Babrak who was the resident of Afghanistan. Liaqat Ali Khan was died by this attack in 16th October 1951. Liaqat Ali Khan was the great leader May Allah Bless their Soul with Peace



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