Madona (Pop Music Queen)

Madona (Pop Music Queen)


In the early 80s, America’s pop scene was dominated by some awesome singers like BoneyM, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Cyndie Lauper, David Bowie,Diana Ross and Tina Turner to name a few. Madona surprised the world when she came out with an upbeat Disco hit “Holiday” which topped the charts and still is an evergreen hit since 1984.Her full name is Madona Louise Cicerone, born in August 1958,she became the most famous female singer of all time by her lyrical beauty and exotic voice. She will always be remembered as a trend setter in the music industry along with Michael Jackson and Beatles.

Early Life and Music

Born in Michigan, Madona moved to Network and performed in musical band with her boyfriend in 1977.She was never a shiny student so she decided to leave the college after being dropped out.She did a waitress job and also did dancing backstage for famous artists. She released her first music album in 1982 “Madona”.Her second album “Like a Virgin” in 1983 peaked the Billboard Charts quickly and influenced a large number of young girls and guys. The tracks like “like a virgin, material girl, and holiday” were on the lips of everyone.

International Success & Music Career

Madona was criticized by some people for her vulgarity and photoshoots, but that did not stop her from hitting the top again with her next album “True Blue”.It became No.1 on Billboard Charts with hits “papa don’t preach”,”open your heart” and “la isla bonita”.This was her top selling album to present.It topped chart in 28 countries and song 25 million records.

In 1987, her album “Who’s That Girl” also broke success records and she got more recognition in Europe and Asia with her live breathtaking performances. In 1989,”like a prayer” song also topped the charts with its unique lyrical beauty and MTV video.Her greatest hits “The Immaculate Collection” was released in 1990.She went on and won the Grammy Award in 1992 for her legendary solo career.

From 1992-97 she acted in some Hollywood among which “Maverick” was the most famous.Her fifth album ” Erotica” also reached No.2 on Billboard. She had relationships with other famous personalities like rapper “Vanilla Ice” and also parted ways with”Carlos Leon”. In 1994, her track “I will remember” also became a world famous hit despite the criticism on her erotic shows around the world. In 1998 her album “Ray of Light” which took four Grammy Awards to peak No.1 again.

She got her name listed in the Guinness Book of World Records’ in 1998. The book said “No female artist has sold more records than Madona around the world”.In 2003 her song “Die Another Day” was released as the title song of James Bond movie.By that time, she grew millions fans around the world and was followed by hit singers like “Britney Spears” and “Missy Elliot”.She toured US,Canada and Europe in 2004 and generated $120 million earnings.

2008 To Present

In April 2008, she released her 11th album “Hard Candy”.This album was also No.1 in 37 countries on Billboard Charts.By the time she had beaten the record of Elvis Presley for the most No.1 albums sold in UK alone. In 2013 Billboard Awards, she was presented with three trophies for top dancer,top artist and top dance album.Since 2014 she is appearing on media continuously and amusing the world with her interesting interviews and shows.She also helped 3 organizations to help eliminate poverty.She released her latest album “Rebel Heart” in 2015 and touring the world till March 2016.

Madona has gained incredible name for her unique dancing, singing and artistic performances.Becoming the top female artist of all time was not easy but she is still planning to surprise the world in the coming years in her 60s.

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