Mahatma Gandhi Historical background-Mahatma Gandhi story

Mahatma Gandhi Historical background-Mahatma Gandhi story

Mohandas Gandhi known as the name of Mahatma Ganhdi in the history.  Gandhi was the well known and Great Leader in Indian History. He started his Movement against British rule in India. He achieved India from the British Rule with his great doctrine movement. He is known with the name of the Father of India.

Mahatma Gandhi was born on October on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, Gujrat  in India. His father name was Kramchand Gandhim, who was served as a Chief Minister of Probander state, while his mother belonged to a Punjabian family and she was household wife.

Mahatma Gandhi Got his early education from Gujrat , he was a mediocre student during his schooling, after passing the matriculation exam from the  Samaldas College in Bhavnagar, Gujrat. Gandhi’s Family wanted that he should be a barrister.  He went in England for getting Higher education and latter on, he got the Degree of Bar at law and became the Barrister. Gandhi came back in India in 1891 and latter on started job in Durban, South Afirca, at an Indian Law firm.

Gandhi returned to India after leaving the job  in 1919, at that time the  British were  making the Plan to intern People of Indian suspected of sedition . Gandhi Vow and with the help of British Government made “Rowalt Acts”. Through the rowalt acts Gandhi Promoted a new Styagraha  and their millions Followers attracted towards Gandhi.  At the time of 1920 Gandhi became the Dominant Figure in Indian Politics.

Mahatma  raised voice against the British Rule and he was sentenced to Six years imprisonment in 1922. He continued his mission through his followers and after two years British Rule released him. After the imprisonment he devoted himself to building a good Hindu Muslim relationship.  Latter on Gandhi started a movement of civil disobedience in Protest against a tax on salt and made a plan to make their own salt from the seawater.

Gandhi attended the Round Table Conference in London in 1931, as a sole representative of Indian National Congress.  Later on in 1945  the British Government started negotiations with Mahatma Gandhi the leader of the Muslim League Quid e Azam and finalized that India Empire should be Divided in two Countries India and Pakistan.  With his best effort he became the Father of India. Mahatma Gandhi  died on January 30, 1948 in an assassination in Delhi.

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