Mahāvīra The great personality for Jainism Biography and History

Mahāvīra The great personality for Jainism Biography and History

Mahavira is one of the greatest and well known personalities in the history of the world. Mahavira’s full name was Vardhamana Mahavira and Mahavira is also the name of a God in the religion of Jainism. Mahavira is also famous for his preach on the religion of Jainism. In Jain tradition and religion Vardhamana Mahavira has a value as a God of Jainism. The Jainism’s traditional people believe that Vardhamana Mahavira is the last and 24th Trinthankara. All Trinthankara’s name is given below in table.


























There is not exact reference about the birth date of Vardhamana Mahavira, but from some books we get the birth place of Vardhamana Mahavira. By some references we can get that Vardhamana Mahavira was born in Kundrama the oldest state of today’s India, which now days also known as Hajipur. Vardhamana Mahavira’s father name was Sidharta Jain monarch, who was also the Nobel man of Kandurama (Hajipur) now days Bihar India. Vardhamana Mahavira’s mother name was Trishala wwhich was also known as Queen Trishala or Trishala Devi or Trishala Mata. Vardhamana Mahavira’s birth day is celebrated by Jainism people in 16th of Digambaras, this is also the religious holiday in Hajipur (Kundrama). Jainism celebrates also this day as Mahavira Janma Kalyanak…

Vardhamana Mahavira was the son of a king and a queen, but he was not adopted the life as a prince. Mahavira started his life as contemplation and thoughts and also engaged himself as the nature. Vardhamana Mahavira also hides himself from the eyes of people. Vardhamana Mahavira wants to spend a poverty life for the sake of people. When Vardhamana Mahavira was reached at the aged of thirty he rejected to get the kingdom and wen to spend his life as an Spartan and as meditate. Vardhamana Mahavira was liked to live as austere life. He adopted the name of Mahavira due to his bravely and courage of facing the people, he always try to spent a self-controlled life.

Vardhamana Mahavira sacrificed his whole life for meditation; he fasts for many days without eating and drinking anything. Vardhamana Mahavira was very kind to all human being, Birds and all type of animals. He was known the sadness and the poorness of the peoples. Vardhamana Mahavira also started to preach for speaking the truth, by visiting towards people on barefoots and without clothes. Vardhamana Mahavira also met the people and gave them message for truth which was the beginning of Jainism.


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