Marconi,Guglielmo Life Story-Fact-History of Marconi

Marconi,Guglielmo Life Story-Fact-History of Marconi

Facts of Marconi

Gugliemo Marconi was one of the famous scientists, who created the Wireless Telegraphs Signals. Marconi was an electric engineer and known for his notable bale work, inversion of Radio Transmission and Radio Telegraphic System. Marconi Received a notable award “Nobel Prize in 1909 for his remarkable invention Radio and research & Development of wireless telegraphy. He is known as the name of Entrepreneur and businessman and founder of the Wireless telegraph & Signal Company.

Early Life of Marconi

Marconi was born on April 25, 1874 in Bologna, Italy. He was the second son of his father “operetta Termed” and mother, Annie Jameson.  His father was an Aristocratic Landowner. His mother, Annie Jameson was belonging to a famous Ireland family, which made lots of invention in the business world. Her mother’s grandfather, John Jameson was the Co Founder of Whiskey Distiller “Jameson “Sons”. Marconi got his early education at Bedford School and later he educated privately from the Lab of Augusto Right. He was good in school life, but he was a genius.

Marconi Work as a Scientist

During his early education Marconi was interested in Science and Electricity.  A horrible Development in the scientific world came from Heinrich Hertz in the early 1888. It was shown that one of scientist could produce and detect Electromagnetic radiations which are normally known as the name of “radio Waves” In modern terms. After the death of Hertz’s Death Marconi took interest in his work and started a research and development to complete the Hertz’s Work.

In 1899 Marconi founded his Telegraphic Company and traveled a mile. At Last after great research and distance for mile Marconi able to send and received the Wireless Message across the Atlantic Ocean from Cornwall in England. In 1902 Marconi Started Work to stretch the distance that wireless Communication Could Travel. At last after great research,  he was able to establish transplanted service from “Glace Bay” in Nova Scotia, Canada to Clifton, Ireland. For this notable invention Marconi received the notable award” Nobel Prize” in 1909.

Marconi’s Work in Naval

Marco also served on different positions in the Italian Army and Navy during the World War 1. Marconi Started the World War 1 as a lieutenant in Naval 1914 and ended as “Naval Commander”. Marconi Great research helped in the invention of Radar.

Marconi’s Family

Marconi married two times in his life. He got first married on 1905 and three children from his first wife. Marconi got 2nd Marriage in 1937 and had two children from his second wife.


With lots of remarkable achievements and awards “Marconi died on 20th July, 1937, in Rome, due to heart Failure. God May His Soul Rest In Peace.


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The overview is totally based on all those steps for telecommunications and related experiments of others scientists to minimize the distance of the world.


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