Marie Curie, Dual Nobel Prize Winner

Marie Curie, Dual Nobel Prize Winner

Marie Curie was on born on 7 November 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. Her Real name was Marie Sklodowska but he was known as Marie Curie. She was the first woman who the Nobel prize in both Chemistry and Physics. Her husband Pierre Curie helped her to discovery of polonium and radium which led to the development of X-rays.

Family and Early Life

Marie’s parents were both teacher and she was the youngest of their children. She was grew up in poor but educated family, His father Ladislas was a math and physics teacher. Early Education and inspiration she took from his father, who developed her mind and build a taste for science. During her educational period she remained the brightened student with curious mind. Her mother; Bronsitwa was also a teacher who was died in his early teen age, when she was eleven year old. Curie was top student is her secondary school; she attended the Warsaw’s “floating university” underground classes held in secret. Curie was wanted to study abroad for higher studies but could not carry on further due to financial aspects. Her elder sister Bonya was sponsored the school of her sister; Curie was in school when her sister came to favor her after completing education. Curie, in her spare time after reading and studying was used to serve as tutor and a governess. After five years of long struggle, she made her way to Paris for higher studies. Curie was enrolled at Sorbonne in Paris, she was completed her master degree in physics in 1893 and earned another degree in mathematics the following year. She was used the lab for work of French Physicist Pierre Curie, from whom later with she was married.

Work and Regards:

She was awarded with Nobel Prize in 1903; she was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics. Curie was won the prestigious honor along with her husband Pierre Curie for her work on radioactivity. She developed the international fame through the honor and became much popular among the science societies of the world. In 1906, Curie husband was died accidently; she took her teaching seat and became the first female professor of Sorbenne Institute. Curie was received her second Nobel prize in chemistry in 1911. She was the first woman who won double time Nobel Prize in both chemistry and physics.

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