Marlon Brando, The Godfather of Mafia Actors

Marlon Brando, The Godfather of Mafia Actors

He who watch Hollywood movies; surely known and watched the godfather. Marlon Brando was the the actor who has a strong credit for making godfather super hit. He was brilliant actor and was very famous in classical acting styles. Marlon was took up film industry in forties and fifties, his legendry performance was including in film like a streetcar named desire, In his acting career and the time he spent in film industry he was always remain respected and adored for his work and contribution for film industry. Marlon was born in Omaha, Nebraska on 3 April 1924. Many of his fanes consider him, He was by birth actor applauding him acting styles and inspiring from his personality.

Family Background:

His family was come to New York from early 1700’s. His family was migrated from palatinate of Germany. Brando was raised as Christian Scientist. His mother was actress herself; she was an unusual woman who wrote smoke and drunk. She was often alcoholic and bring back from Chicago bars by her husband. Brando mother called him “Bud” in his childhood and Bud was very good mimicking in his early childhood. He and his siter Jocelyn was played drama practically while staying in character. His sister was also appeared on broadways, then films and television. She was studies and first pursues the acting career by studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Art in New York, while Brando was studied at Shattuck Military Academy, from where his father was studied.

Mafia Depiction:

It is said that Marlon Career was started after depiction of mafia role. The famous mafia character which he ever done was in Godfather co-starred with actors like Al-Pacino. Godfather was a good hit not only in 70’s but still most adorable mafia depicted film is considered. Brando following years after godfather was remaining very controversial but very successful. Another controversial but highly paid film the last tango in Paris was remain very successful and was highly reviewed, he played highly paid role in Superman in 1978 and apocalypse now in 1979. He was nominated for Academy Award for best supporting actor for dry white season

Death and Funeral:

Brando was died in the age of eighty in 2004; the reason of his death was pulmonary fibrosis. He was admitted in hospital in Los Angeles in her last days he spent in hospital and died.

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