Meryam Mirzakhani

Meryam Mirzakhani


Meryam mirzakhani is Iranian born woman, professing in Stanford University California and recently awarded with Nobel Prize in mathematics. She is not only first ever Muslim woman who won Nobel Prize but also first mathematician who has this award. She has privilege of being famous among the science society of the world.

Early life and Educaiton:

Meryam Mirzakhani was born on May 1977 and takes early education from Iran.  She obtained her B.Sc in mathematics from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran and went for PhD from Harvard University America for higher education. She was noticed when her math skilled were tested and she awarded gold medals in international mathematical Olympiad (Hong Kong) in 1994 and second gold medal she won  in international mathematical Olympiad (Toronto) in 1995. She is currently top scorer at the chart of International mathematical Olympiad. In her early interview she revealed that she was always wanted to become fiction writer and a literary person but her brother inspired her in science when she was dreaming about to become a writer.

work and contribution:

She contributed in lots of theories and thesis. Theory of Moduli Spaces of “Riemann Surface” was her early work. later on She expressed the volume of amoduli spaces with given genus as polynomial in number of the boundary components , in her recent more work which become the reason of her Nobel prize . She collaborated her work with Alex Eskin (Russian American Mathematician) and with Amir Mohammmadi (Iranian American Mathematician ) proved that complex Geodesics and their closures Moduli Spaces which are regular which were some assumed as irregular or fractal .International Mathematician Union admired her outstanding discovery that rigidity in homogenous spaces has and echo in inhomogeneous word of Moduli Spaces.  Regarding this achievement of Meryam mirzakhani she was awarded with field of medal in 2014

Current Survices :

Today Pro. Meryam mirzakhani studying Dynamics, Algebra, and Geometry in Stanford University in America. Her work in future helps scientist to understand complex Geometric confusions about curved surface such as spheres and symmetry such as hyperbolic objects.


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