Michael Faraday belongs to very poor family. His father was a blacksmith with poor health and not able to do any kind of work, his mother was a servant. His parents named was James and Margaret and Michael Faraday was their third child born on 22nd September, 1791 in London, UK.

Michael Faraday was a great scientist in his history when there were too much need of electricity and people use to li9ve without any source of electricity. Michael Faraday at the age of 13 years attended a local school where he received his early basic education. He had also to support his family due to which he started work in a bookshop as a delivery boy to earn money, he worked hard and impressed his employer. To seem his work he was promoted as an apprentice bookbinder.

Michael Faraday was eager to learn more about science and world, he didn’t restrict himself to binding the books and busy in work hard and use to spend his most of the free time in reading and studying the books about science mainly named as “The Encyclopedia Britannica” and “Conversation on Chemistry”  written by “Jane Marcet which he had bound.  Through these books he added in his knowledge about electrical and chemistry of ordinary people.

The interest about science and chemistry forced him to spend part of his major pay on chemicals and apparatus to reexamine the truth of what he was reading. He learned more enough about science but still made him in study and learned about facts of science. Once he heard about the well-known scientist John Tatum was going to deliver a series of public lectures on natural philosophy. The fee would be one shilling which was too much for Faraday, his older brother help him to pay the fee by impressing from the devotion to science among his brother.

Sir Humphrey Davy who was a lecturer in a royal institute was one of the famous scientist in the world where Faraday gets a chance to attend four lectures about newest problem in Chemistry i.e. defining acidity and watched Davy performed experiments at the lecture, he delivered. Faraday took notes and then made additions to the notes and produce 300 page book written by hands and sent to Davy as a tribute.

At this time Faraday built an electric battery using copper coins and zinc discs separated by salty paper and moist. His battery were used to decompose chemicals such as magnesium sulphate. This type of chemistry Humphrey Davy had pioneered.

Faraday’s apprenticeship ended in October 1821 and he began work as a bookbinder with new employer which he found unpleasant by Faraday. In these days Sir Humphrey Davy hurt in an explosion due to wrong experiment which affected his ability to write temporarily then Faraday managed to get work and taking notes for Davy for a few days which impressed Davy. After end of a short period of note-taker Faraday asked Davy if he might be employed as his assistant, in response Davy offered him for a job of chemical assistant which rapidly accepted by Faraday.

Now Faraday began work at the Royal Institute of great Britain on 1st March, 1813 at the age of 21 years. His salary was good and also he was given a room in the Royal Institute to live there.

He stayed for 54 years in the Royal Institute from destined to be associated and ending up as Professor of Chemistry. Where firstly, Faraday involved working with Nitrogen Tri Chloride which had already injured Davy and finally putting to an end to work with that particular substances. Davy took Faraday as his secretary on a tour of Europe that lasted 18 months after just seven months of working at Royal Institution. Faraday met great scientists such as Andre-Marie Ampere in Paris and Alessandro Volta in Milan and faraday learned a lot from it, the tour was acted like a university education for faraday. In return to London, The Royal Institution renewed contract and increased the salary of Faraday.

At the age of 24, in 1816, Faraday gave his first lecture on the properties of matter to the City Philosophical Society and also published his first ever academic paper about the analysis of Calcium Hydroxide in the Quarterly Journal of Science.

In gaining the age of 29, in 1821, he was promoted as a Superintendent of House and Laboratory of the Royal Institution and also married with Sarah Barnard in the same age. They both lived in room of Royal Institution for almost next 46 years and they want to live in a comfortable suite.

He was elected to the Royal Society at the age of 32, in 1824, and in 1825, at the age of 33, he became a Director of the Royal Institution‘s Laboratory. When he approaches at the age of 41 in 1833 he became Florian Professor of Chemistry and held this position for the rest of his life. After that in 1848 at the age of 54 and again in 1858 he was offered the Presidency o9f the Royal Institution but he turned it down.

Michael faraday achieved too many discoveries which fulfill our daily physical as well as chemical needs which are most important for us that we could not survive if the discoveries of Faraday ignored. Faraday discover so many such things which fulfill our routine requirements are mentioned below.

  1. Discovery of electromagnetic rotation.
  2. Gas liquefaction and refrigeration.
  3. Discovery of benzene.
  4. Discovery of electromagnetic induction.
  5. Faraday’s law of Electrolysis.
  6. Invention of the Faraday cage.
  7. Discovery of the Faraday Effect- a magneto- optical effect.
  8. Discovery of diamagnetism as a property of all the matters.

All the above are the discoveries of Great scientist Michael Faraday who serves his whole life in learning and experimenting the science and scientific methods in Physics and Chemistry.

Michael Faraday died at the age of 75 year on 25th August, 1867 in London. He was survived by his wife and had no any children. His grave, where Sarah also buried can still be seen in London’s High gate Cemetery.

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