Michael Faraday’s biografia-Michael Faraday History

Michael Faraday’s biografia-Michael Faraday History

Michael Fridays’s Facts

Michael Faraday Was one of the great British Scientist is known for his great and honorable inventions in the field of physics included electro-magnetic induction, electromagnetic rotations, the Optical magnetic effect and diamagnetism. He is also known as the field theory. He made his lots of research and other remarkable contributions in the field of Electricity. With his Grant Contributions in the Field of Electricity he was awarded Royal Medal in 1835 & 1846), Copley Medal 1832 & 1938 and the Rumford Medal in 1846.

Early Life and Education

Michael Faraday was born on 22nd September 1791 in the small town of the England which known as Newington Butts. Michael Faraday belongs to a middle class family and was the third baby of Michael Faraday’s Father and mother. Michael Faraday from his childhood joined bookbinding apprenticeship profession and he also was very fond reading the books. From his childhood Michael Faraday was taking interest in the field of Electricity and Chemistry. Michael Faraday joined the Lectures of the famous chemist Humphrey Davy.

Invesntions of Micahel Friday

During the post of Assistant Chemical laboratory in the Royal institute Michael Faraday Success to liquefying the many gases through his experiments. Michael Faraday also invents many types of glasses from the liquefying gases. The first invention of Michael Faraday was Bunsen burner which now a days use as the main heat resource in Laboratories. Michael Faraday also provides some theories about the nano particles of Metals, Quantum Theory and also in Neon science. But we can get a lot of work of Michael Faraday in field of Electricity and Electromagnetic.

In 1831 Michael Faraday invents the concept of the Electromagnetic induction. After this invention Michael Faraday was famous as the founder of the Electrochemistry. Michael Faraday also provides the concept of Mutual Induction through his experiments. Michael Faraday also provides the concept of the static and dynamic electricity.

Awards and Honors

In his later life Michael Faraday received an Honorary Degree from the “University of   Oxford” in 1832. He was also appointed as a member of the “Royal Swedish Academy of Science in 1832. In 1844 Faraday was elected as the Member of the “French Academy of Sciences in 1844. For his great achievements and Contributions  in the field of electricity and Science the British Government granted him a House with pensions.


This  great man left this world with his remains on August 25, 1867 in Hampton Court.


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