Michael Jackson The King of POP

Michael Jackson The King of POP

Michael Jackson is one of the great personalities of Americans. There are a lot of fans of Michael Jackson in this world. Michael Jackson was known as the King of Pop and many people called him as “MJ”. Michael Jackson was born in a little state of United State of America in Gary Indiana on 29th August 1958. Michael Jackson was one of the big Entertainer of Pop, Music Fashion Designing and break dance. He wrote his name in the Guinness book of World Record as world No. 1 dancer and Pop master.

Michael Jackson from his beginning of like select the music and pop as his professional career and Michael Jackson start his Career as a solo dancer in 1971 with his elder brother. Michael Jackson had the full Command on Rhythms and blues and his soul his naturally construct for this. Michael Jackson also had full experience of Pop music, rock style, Break and disco Dancing and his awn Jack Swing. He earn a lot of Money and a lot of People Hearts through his Entertainment as Pop, Disco and break dancer or as a great singer. During his Short Career since 1964 to 2009 Michael Jackson makes a special place on every person’s heart.

Michael Jackson selects a lot of Occupations for himself. Michael Jackson was not only a great singer his also very good writer he wrote many songs and also sung them. Michael Jackson Wrote the following songs like, Can You Feel It, Keep on Keep in on, Leave me alone, The Man, Eat It, You Rock my world, We are the World, A place with no name, Liberian Girl, what more can I give, I just Can’t Stop and State of Shock etc. One of the favorite song of the Michael Jackson was you rock my world. Michael Jackson was also a very good Choreographer and record producer his teach dance and work as a play back singer in many Occasion or movies in united State (US) or out of United State (US). Michael Jackson was not only a Musician or entertainer he was also a successful businessman. Michael Jackson joins the Pepsi Corporation and Make five Million United State (US) dollar as his Partnership with Pepsi.

Michael Jackson have two Marriage his first wife name was Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Married with Lisa Marie Presley on 1994 in Dominican Republic of America and they born no child. After passing two years of Marriage Michael give divorced his First wife Lisa Marie Presley on 1996. In this Year 1996 Michael Jackson got married with Debbie Rowe and she born three kids names Michael Joseph, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Blanket Jackson.

Michael Jackson was died at the age of 50 on 25th of June 2009. The main cause of Michael Jackson death was benzodiazepine effect. The death new of Michael Jackson spread like a sun light around the world through Internet, Television news and all type of Mass media. Michael Jackson made his a lot of fans in this world upset and leaves them alone on leaving tears on their eyes. Michael Jackson was buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery located  at 1712 S Glendale Avenue in Glendale California.

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