Mickey Vernon’s Facts-The First American Baseball Player

Mickey Vernon’s Facts-The First American Baseball Player

Mickey Vernon’s Facts

Mickey Vernon was one of the Popular and first baseball player in the American History. Vernon was Played Mostly in his career for the Washington Senators. During his whole career, he played for five teams included. Washington Senators, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Braves and Last one is the  Pittsburgh Pirates. He totally played 21,408 hits through his career.

Mickey Vernon’s Early Life and Career

Mickey Vern born was born on 22th April, 1918 in a Small town of Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, USA.  He got his early education from Pennsylvania and after that he went into the Villanova University for Higher Education. HE was Interested in Baseball From his childhood. He Joined the University League and showed a good Performance. Later on he played the Eastern Shore League and Won the award of the Tournament. In 1`938 He Joined the Greenville and played the South Atlantic League and Hitt 238. After showing the good Performance, he jumped into the A Level Eastern League at the start of 1939. As a team played in the Eastern league, he batted 343 hits. Mickey Vernon made his debut in the major league on 8 July, 19039, when he joined the American Senators.  Vernon played total 76 games from the American Senators in 1939 and batted 257 hits.  Vernon joined the Jersey City team in 1940 and Played and International League.

Mickey Vernon’s Naval Career

Vernon Joined the Navy on 16th October, 1943 and started training at Sampson Naval Training Station in the New York.  He regularly played at the Naval at Naval air Station. Suddenly Vernon caught in the  fever and referred for the treatment at Naval Station Hospital in the New York. He was so ill, that he could not shave.   Within two months he became healthy and started again baseball and Took Part in the Western Pacifica tour from the Naval Station and played the fifth Fleet Tournament.

Vernon Discharged from the naval service in  4th October, 1945 and Started his career with fully passion from the American League and Played with the average of.353.  Vernon Played Major League until 1960 with different teams included American Senators, Red Sox, Indians, Pirates and Red Sox.  Mickey Vernon Won two Champion league Titles from the American Senators.

Mickey Vernon as a Coach

After the retirement in 1960, Vernon started his coaching career in for the Pirates and Worked with his close friend Danny Muztagh. He stayed as coach in nine games for  the Pirates. During his Coaching pirates won the 2nd World Champion League in 1964. Later on he joined the Coaching from four other teams and managed AAA and AA levels in all minor leagues.  Mickey Vernon Served as Batting Instructor from City Royals and Yankee Farm System.


He died on 24th September, 2008 due to the Heart, Stroke and him, hurried in Pennsylvania. In 2009 his name was included in the  Baseball Hall of Fame.



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