Microsoft Band (Smart Watch)

Microsoft Band (Smart Watch)

Microsoft Band is also a good smart watch developed and distributed by Microsoft Corp. This smart band was first came out in October 2014. The Microsoft band possess health oriented and phone related features that make it a delightful little wrist wonder in the modern time. The great news is that Microsoft Band can also integrate well with IOS operating system and Android phones are well. So the fun is not limited to Microsoft users only.

Battery And Display

The Band runs on a battery which runs for two days when full of charge. The band is a pure fitness tracker and stopwatch. It gives time always when you need it. It is incorporated with alarm clock, exercise tracker, timer, calls, messages, calendars, Facebook and weather. The band can run on Windows 8.1. Through the notification center, users can also view their notifications on their phone.Li-Polymer battery is the best in the world used by Microsoft band 2.

The display is Capacitive AMOLED display with dimensions of 320 x 128 pixels. The microphone is built in and the Skin Temparature sensor keeps you updated with your body temparature all the time during heat and snow.

Price And Features

The beautifully designed Microsoft Band comes with bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The popularity can be measured by its stock being sold out on the first day it was released. The band is a perfect holiday gift and makes shopping fun. The band integrates well with IOS 9 and 8.1 versons. The newest Band model is Band 2.

The Band 2 is the second generation of the Microsoft Band. In 2015 it was available in United States, UK and Canada. But it is also available in Australia now and going worldwide in 2016 big time. The band 2 starts with USD $250 and UK £200 for the UK version.

The introductory price was $199 in USA and £169.99 in UK. The production was great in 2015 and the Band 2 made is big as Apple Watch and other top bands of the year. There are ten powerful features of the Apple watch.

  1. Optical heart rate monitor
  2. Three-axis accelerometer
  3. Gyrometer
  4. GPS
  5. Microphone
  6. Ambient light sensor
  7. Galvanic skin response sensors
  8. UV sensor
  9. Skin temperature sensor
  10. Capacitive sensor

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