Mir Zafar Ali, Great Visual artist of Hollywood

Mir Zafar Ali, Great Visual artist of Hollywood

Mir Zafar Ali Pakistani had born American Hollywood Star, His work as visual artist in Hollywood and contributed in several Hollywood animation and visual art related films. his very prominent work as visual artist or some famous movies in which he contributed in background visual art team, are The Cabin in the Woods in 2011, X-Men: First Class in same year at 2011, Hop in same following year at 2011, Yogi Bear also in 2011, Aliens in the Attic was released in 2009 , Island of the Lost in same year at 2009, famous supper hit series of The Mummy in 2008 , The Incredible Hulk in same year at 2008, The Golden Compass in 2007, Surf’s Up again in 2007, Spider-Man 3 same following year at 2007, Ghost Rider with Nicolas cage in same following year at 2007, Open Season released in 2006, Monster House consecutively in 2006, Stealth in 2005, and The Day After Tomorrow from his early films from where he penetrated in Hollywood was released in 2004.

Early Educations and Background:

Mir Zafar Ali was born in Karachi and belongs to Muslim family. Early education he takes from beacon house school and was educated in software engineering from FAST institute in Karachi. He was jumped from engineering to visual art and motion graphics because of lake of interest in engineering. Later he was started to decide his career in visual effects. He takes admission in Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, United States and completes his degree in visual art and motion graphics in 2003. Completion after His BFA from Savannah College or Arts in computer Animation he was started to take his career from digital domain, who was provide special effects in many Hollywood super hit movies , movies like titanic , fight club and the fifth element are just few names in honour of digital domain.

Awards and contribution:

He is recently won his 3rd Academy Award from Walt Disney “Frozen” which was nominated for the first category of animation film. His previous film “Golden compass” in 2008, Ali was won his first Oscar award. Second Oscar he takes from the famous Life of pi directed by Ang lee. Ali is enthusiastic in further more work in visual art and motion graphics

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