Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) biography and History

Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) biography and History

Allah Almighty sent round about one Lakh twenty four thousand or less messengers to preach and to teach the people in write manners. The Series of Allah’s Prophets and Messengers was started from Hazrat Adam (السلام علیہ ) and end at the last and beloved prophet of Allah Almight Hazrat Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلّم). Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) is one of the prophet and messenger of Allah almighty. Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) is also known as the name of Kaleem Ullah which mean who speak with Allah Almighty. The Holy book Torat or turah was reveled on Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) which is strongly followed by Jewish tradition.

Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) was born in Goshen which situated near Egypt but there is not actual date of Moses Birth but from some books got the Moses date of birth which is 1392 BCE in Christian calendar or 2076 BH in Islamic calendar. Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) was sent towards Israelites after Joseph (Hazrat Yusuf (السلام علیہ )) in the government of a ruled king Pharaoh. Before the birth of Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) Pharaoh say a dream that he was killed by a person who came from Jerusalem and who will destroyed his whole government or rule except Israelites. After discussion of his dream with some priests and Soothsayers he ordered to kill the every newly born male boy. It’s mean Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) was born in that year when children were to be killed by ruled king.

At last that time was came when Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) was born. Quran Stated that “when they were in danger of being caught God inspired her to put him in a basket and set him drift in the river if Nile”. Moses mother do the same and ordered her daughter to follow the basket throughout end. Her daughter saw that Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) was found by the Pharaoh’s wife Asiya and she convince the Pharaoh to adopt this baby.  Allah Almighty wants to grow Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) in the house of Pharaoh for this Quran stated that When there were ordered for wet nurse to feed Moses, Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) refuse to get breastfeed from any wet nurse. The Moses sister met with Pharaoh and suggests him that she knows a woman who can feed him. So Pharaoh ordered her to bring that woman. So Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ )) actual mother was appointed as the wet nurse of Moses.

We can found many events and miracles from the life of Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)). During his childhood Pharaoh feel  that it is that child which was born to kill him because he clutched the Pharaoh beared which a Israelite can do. Pharaoh decide to kill the Moses after this but her wife stopped him to doing this and told him that it is an innocent baby so Phraoh decide to test the Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) he kept two bowls in front of Moses there was a fired coal in one bowl and a stone of rubie. Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) put the fired coal and inserted it in his mouth which burnt his tongue.

When Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) reached at his adulthood he started the preaching of oneness of Allah Almighty. Pharaoh ordered to arrest or kills the Moses. One day in the festival in Egypt Pharaoh called some magician in his assembly and also called Moses to fight with them. When Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) reached in the assembly of Pharaoh the magicians through their ropes in front of Moses which turns into Snakes. Then Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) by the Order of Allah Almighty through his stick in front of these snakes which turns in to a big dragon and eat all the small snakes. The Magician accept that it is not a magic Moses preaches a true religion. Pharaoh issued ordered that who will follow the Moses I will cut their hands and feet and also their heads.

By the ordered of Allah Almighty one night Moses gathered all Israelites and convinces them to migrate towards the Canaan. Pharaoh was also made plan to stop the Moses and Israelites to migrate. They also followed the Moses and Israelites to stop them. When the Moses and Israelites were reached near the red sea Allah Almighty ordered Moses to strike his stick into the sea. When Moses strikes his strike into the sea, sea divided into two parts and Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) ordered Israelites to pass this sea as soon as possible. Pharaoh and his army also follow them and they also began to cross the sea. When Moses and Israelites crossed the sea, sea close again, Pharaoh and his army drown into the sea. Quran State that we will keep the body of Pharaoh for the witness in future. At last Moses and Israelites arrived at the Canaan. After passing some years Israelites asked Moses to saw your God. Moses takes them towards the Mount Tur. After reaching on mount Tur Moses spoke with Allah almighty and requests him to show himself to these people. When Allah Almighty trying to show off Moses and all people unconscious to see Allah.

Like Birth date there is not solid clue about the actual date of died of Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) but through some books we observed that Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) was died at the age of 120 in 1952 BH in Muslins Calendar and 1272 BCE in Christian Calendar. Moses (Hazrat Musa (السلام علیہ)) tomb is situated in Moab Syria which is known as Maqam-e-Nabi Musa or tomb of Moses.


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