Moses (Hazrat Musa)

Moses (Hazrat Musa)

Moses is a Greek word and is also known as Musa. According to the Holy Bible, he was the Egyptian Prince and also a prophet in Abrahim times. He became a religious leader and a law giver. He was the most important prophet in the Judaism. He is also the most important prophet in Christianity and Islam. He was born in Lower Egypt and died on Mount Nebo.His spouse was Zipporah and he had two children. He was born in times when his kingdom Israelties were enslaved in majority. God send him specially to Egypt to release them from slavery.Moses received the Ten Commandments. He wandered 40 years in the deserts and his life span was between 120 years.

The Story of Moses

Pharaoh was afraid of moses and he ordered to throw him in the river so that he do not take over his kingdom.His mother saved his life and hid him in a basket and send him into the river of Nile.Pharaoh’s daughter came to the river and found that there was a boy in the basket.

Moses went to Pharaoh to ask him to set the Herbews free. Pharaoh did not want to do this as he wanted to keep the slavery alive.Ten plagues came to Egypt as warned by Moses. Those disasters were sent by God. The last plague was the worst. The Pharaoh’s son died in this plague.The Herbews had to leave the city as they were ordered by Pharaoh. When they reached the sea, Moses rose his rod again and the water of sea closed on Pharaoh’s army who was chasing them.God saved the herbews through Moses

People were in the desert and foodless. God said to Moses that I wil give food to them.Moses strike his rod to a rock and water came out of it. This miracle saved people’s life. The ten commandments were written on the two large pieces of stone. The people decided to make another God for thhemmsellvees.. it wwass a golden calf.Moses was really shocked to see that the people were worshiping that golden calf. By thw will of God, he he broke the tablets and destroyed the calf.  God forgave his people for worshiping the statue and told Moses to cut two more tablets of stone.

Moses took the stone tablets up to the mountain and God gave him the ten commandments again.When he came down, all the people listened to him as he delivered the message of God. Moses told God that the herbews would keep all of the commandments.

The Ten Commandments

The Ten commandments appear in the old Testament of Christian Bible. Theey are the fundamental laws of jews.God tells in them that : t”here shall be no other God than me.You are not allowed to make any other idols and not allowed to misuse the name of Lord.You shall keep the Sabbath day holy.You will respect your father and mother. You must not commit murder. You must not commit adultery. You must not steal and become a thief.You must not give false evidence against your neighbor. You must not be envious of your neightbor;s goods and wealth. You should not be envious of his house, his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

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