Napoleon (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Napoleon (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Napoleon was the great leader of the France and Napoleon was also the great Commander of the French Military. Napoleon was also remaining the king of the Italy for 9 years from 17th March 1805 to 11th April 1815 and also known as the Napoleon I. Napoleon’s full name was Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was born in 15th of August 1769 in France he was the brave person. Napoleon was the greatest warfare in the history of the world and Napoleon was made much civil Law Jurisdiction worldwide to follow his reform of Napoleonic Code in worldwide. France got many victories in many European Countries uner the great command of the Napoleon.

Napoleon is belonging to a French family who live in Republic of Genoa and his family was Christian by religion. Napoleon’s family was very noble and educated family. Napoleon was also a good educator and very fond of getting education. Napoleon got education form his own country. Napoleon also joined the Military academy in France for military training. When Napoleon was completed his study and also complete the military training course he joined the British Royal Navy for earning the income for his house. Napoleon was joined the battalion of Corsican Republican Volunteers at the age of 23.

Napoleon in 1975 Overcome the violence and chaos in the Paris. Napoleon overcome the whole Paris and arrest all the. Napoleon destroys the whole Paris and he gain victory over the Alp Army. After the victory in Paris Napoleon start the battle against the Australian army in 1796 and Napoleon defeated the Australian Army in Italy. He fought against the Army of Alps in Paris and Australian Army in Italy as the second council command of the French army. In 1799 French army announce the Napoleon as the First council command of the French army. In 1799 Napoleon took his army toward the Egypt to overcome the Egypt.  In 1804 Napoleon had declared as the Emperor of the Great France. In 1805 Napoleon ordered his army to fight against Australian army and The French army is defeated Austria at Ulm location in Vienna is Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte then Austria Russia and defeated the combined forces asturlits on the site. Napoleon also made his brothers and sister as the king of different States of the Europe. Napoleon had wanted to rule over the world. Napoleon defeat Persian in the site of Geena in 1806. Then Napoleon was transferred his army to fight against the Russian army. In 1807 Napoleon defeat the Russian army in the Frayyrland. After defeat the Russian army Napoleon start to got victory over Spain and Napoleon defeat the Austrian army in 1808.

After getting many victories that time had been came when Napoleon face first defeat. In 1812 Napoleon tried to rule over the whole Russia but Napoleon did not achieve his aimed. In 1813 Napoleon was defeated by the Russian army in a site of Lypzs. In the site of water loo Napoleon had to face another defeat in 1815 and he had to become the Prison. Napoleon was died at the age of 51 in 5th May 1821 in Longwood, Saint Helena, and British Empire


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