Nat Bailey, the famous founder of White Spot Restaurant chain.

Nat Bailey, the famous founder of White Spot Restaurant chain.


Nathaniel Royal Bailey was born on January 31, 1902 in St. Paul, Minnesota, he better known as Nat Bailey.   Bailey was an American- born Canadian restaurateur, best known for building the first drive –in restaurant in Canada in 1928. He also develops the first chop tray. The Bailey chain of restaurants continues to thrive today.

Bailey moved with his family to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1913. Bailey started his business career selling peanuts during games at the Vancouver Forum. He was a genius person and business person. His wish was to expand the business. He expands his business by adding hot drinks and hamburgers. In 1934, when the forum’s roof collapsed, he built a type of log cabin, “White Spot” at 70th And Granville in Vancouver’s Mar pole district. The white spot’s cabin was painted with white and the ends painted green. It was his first drive in Canada; the car- hops wore green uniforms with Naugahyde captain’s caps, and a white stripe down the pant leg. Bailey special designed tray fit between the car’s window sills. Bailey becomes famous for his hamburgers. He used a “secret sauce”, which was rumored to Thousand Islands dressing mixed with mayonnaise, but he n3ever revealed the recipe.

It has been reported that, as the Condiments used to come in large containers, Bailey poured the excess dill pickle juice into the depleted mayonnaise jars, then put this mixture of mayonnaise into the depleted ketchup containers, then added the relish foam the depleted relish containers, to which was added the juice and residue from the slicing f tomatoes, adding the resultant mixture to a commercial “Thousand Island Dressing”. Bailey conducted the customer survey to get the feedback of the customer. There was a separate complaint and suggestion cabin in every restaurant.  Bailey improved infrastructure and quality with the customer suggestions. When a customer desired extra sauce on their burger, then waited would squiggle three os on the order slip to notify the kitchen. It was evolved into the current copyrighted “Tripe –O- sauce” and Triple-Os Restaurants owed by White Spot Restaurants.

With the Passage of time Bailey became famous for his “Chickens Pickens” and “Chicken in the Straw”. This was long before the Colonel and KFC were on the scene. Bailey built several of the drive- INS throughout Vancouver and Victoria. He sold the chain to General Foods when he retired as a popular restaurateur and a community sports supporter. Bailey was also a Freemason, and supporter of the Mar pole Rotary Club, as well as the Chamber of commerce. Bailey was also a supporter of little league baseball in the city of Vancouver and was a part owner of the Vancouver Mounties professional Team. Bailey’s love with the game was commemorated with the remaining of the Chaplin Stadium to “Nat Bailey Stadium” after his death. He died on March 27; 1978.the reasons of his death are unknown. Nat Bailey stadium is currently the home of the Vancouver Canadians, a short season single- QA- affiliate of the “Toronto Blue Jays”.


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