New York

New York


Newyork is a state of United States Of America and is the fourth most populous city as well. It is hugely populated. Its borders are with Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The New York City is the most popular city of the New York State. It is a centre of fashion, economics, education and entertainment. The head quarter of United Nations is also situated in Newyork. About 40 % of population of Newyork state lives in the Newyork city. Statue of Libery which is the pride of America is also situated there. There are 200 colleges in Newyork and a lot of Universities.

Nine Eleven And Twin Towers

The buildings of World trade centres in Newyork were hit by the two hijacked planes in 2001, september 11. That damaged the twin towers were destroyed in the worst manner and never got repaired in the same way. There were 147 passengers on those two planes and 2753 death victims due to the crash on the towers.

Hurricane Sandy also hit Newyork in 2012 which resulted in huge power outages and storms.

Area and Population

The area of Newyork is 54,555 square miles. 13.5% area contains water in Newyork. Newyork.Newyork has a humid climate. Hudson valley and Atlantic oceans play an important parts in the weather of Newyork. Almost 8.5 million people live in Newyork. The skyscrapers present a great view to resemble it with Dubai city. World Trade Center and Empire State Building are the tallest buildings. Wall Street and New York Times are also the popular buildings of the city.

Major Cities and Counties

Niagra falls also provide a great place for entertainment. it connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Both are the most popular lakes of America. The other famous regions of Newyork are :

Niagra Frontier , Finger Lakes,Thousand Islands, Capital District, Hudson Valley, Newyork City

The most important cities in the newyork are:

Kings County, Queens County, Newyork County, Bronx County, WestChester County and Richmond County and Albany.

Most Important metropolitan areas are:

Newyork city and Hudson Valley

Buffallo Niagara Falls


Albany and City District



Utica Rome

Almost 66 % white Americans live in Newyork. Black.Black or African Americans are almost 16%. People from multiple races are 3 % only and 7% are Asian Americans.


Language of Newyork is English and there are many other languages spoken like Spanish, Chinese, Russian,Italian, polish, Korean and French.

There are multiple versions of English. The most popular are Newyork Lationo English and North Jersey English.


The most popular religions are Roman Catholic, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.

Economy And Technology

The economy of Newyork is 1.16 Trillion. This is the third largest economy in America. The Wall Street shows the economic power of the city. In the field of technology and development, the Silicon Alley in New York City is very popular.

Tourism in Newyork is Broadway Theatre and Niagara Falls.It is also a centre of education and State University of Newyork plays a great role in it.

The local of Newyork is called a ‘New Yorker’. The incidents of robbery are very common in Newyrork city. It is said the ‘ He is not a newyorker if he is not robbed at least once’.





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