Nikolay Semyonov Biography-Russian Scientist-Nikolay Semyonov

by Rubab Shaykh | April 3, 2014 7:42 am

Nilolay SemYonov was a popular Russian Physics and Chemist. He was born on 15th April 1896, in Saratov, His father’s name was Elena Dimitrieva and mother was Nikolai Alex Semyonov. He got  his  early education in Saratov and Later on, He got his admission in the University of Petrograd, a famous University of Russia,  Where he was the Student of the great teacher “ Abram Fyodorovich Loffe”, Who was a famous Russian Physicist.  He completed his graduation in physics in 1917. In 1918 he applied to Kolchak’s White and he was enlisted in it during the Russian Civil war.

In 1920, he joined “Petrograd Physic-Technical Institute” and took the charge of Electron Phenomena Laboratory, Latter on he became the voice director of the Institute. He married two times and he had only one son and one daughter.

Nikolai Semenov was appointed as a professor in Polytechnic Institute in 1928. He appointed as a director of the Institute of Chemical Physics of the U.S.S.R. In 1943, he moved in Moscow and stayed there as a professor at the Moscow University in 1944. He had done outstanding work on the  mechanism of chemical transformation included the analysis of  Chain theory and more important , he explained the theory of combustion process and theory of degenerate branching, which provides a  better understanding about  the induction period and oxidation processes.

Semenov Wrote two Books, his first Book “Chemical Kinetics and Chain Reactions” was Published in 1934. He explained his whole work in two books.  His second book was published in 1954 “Problems of Chemical Kinetics and Reactivity”. Latter on these two books published in German, British, American and Chinese edition. With his great work in chemistry, he was awarded with the Noble Prize to Sir Cyril Norman Hinshelwood, in 1956.

Semyonov  was an active supporter of the Communist Party and the” Soviet Union”  and the “Communist Party”.  In 1953 he left the Soviet Union after The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.  He was  on the most famous signatory to 1 1871 Public Letter from Soviet Union to American President Richard Dixon, due to the protest against Unfairness in the Murder Trial of “Angela Davis”.

He died on 25th September, 1986 at the age of 90 and, he buried in Moscow, Soviet Union. Semyonov is well known for the chemical transformation.




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