Paul Sartre, A famous French Philosopher and writer

Paul Sartre, A famous French Philosopher and writer

Jean-Paul Sartre was is mostly known as French philosopher but there are other many credits that he was also a play writer,  novelist ,  political activist and a good literary critic . His major theology belongs to existentialism and phenomenology. Jean-Paul Sartre is considering leading figures of 20th century French philosophers.  He was such a great philosopher and writer that on western writer can write without taking influenced from Sartre. He speaks and writes in such subject for his later coming descendents philosophers, writers and critics that today many writers barrow their thoughts from him. His work influenced and inspired out today’s social concepts, sociology, criticisms and literary studies as well.   He was awarded with Nobel Prize on 1964 but he rejected accepting it by saying that:

“A writer should not allow himself to be turned into an institute”

Early Life and Education

Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre was born in Paris on 21 June 1905.  His father jean-Baptiste Sartre was a navy officer and his mother Anne-Marie Schweitzer was Alsatian and first cousin of Nobel Laureate Albert Schweitzer. Satre’s father was died in his early age when he was only two years old. Then Anne-Marie his mother moved back to her parent’s house in Meudon where Sartre raised with the help of his grandparents. Anne-Marie father was a German teacher who taught satre mathematics and introduced him to classical literature at very early age.  Satre in his early age get attracted to philosophy, He complete his degree study in Paris from institute name Ecole Normale Superieure . In his early readings He was inspired from Henry Bergson and in his higher study he influenced and adopts the idea from Immanuel Kant, George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger like great names , and most them Alexandre kajeve whose  seminars Sartre was attended weekly.

Services and work

After the start of Second World War, jean-Paul Satre was dafted to French Navy as Meteorologist on 1939. He was captured by German troop in 1940 and spent nine month in May 1941,  Sartre  participated in the founding of the underground group Socialisme et Liberté and few years later in a new papers by Albert camus, in which he participated very actively. He served in French army till the end of war (1945). Not only this but also He was engaged in the time of cold war to (1974).  End of world war2 bring him back to home where he write and creat most of his work.

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