Percy Shaw History-Inventor of Cat’s eye-Percy Shaw

Percy Shaw History-Inventor of Cat’s eye-Percy  Shaw

Percy Shaw was the Successful Entrepreneur of the World in the 19th century. Who invented the world famous invention “the Cats Eye”. His father’s name was James Shaw, Percy had six brothers, Percy was the 2nd son his father. His mother’s name was Jane Bradley.Percy’s farther worked in a Local mill as a laborer.

Percy Shaw was born on 25th April, 1890 in Halifax, a famous city of West Ruing of Yorkshire. He got his School education at the town Board School. He belonged to a Mediocre Family. His father could not afford the expense of the Whole family, so it was a challenge for the Percy Shaw to get an education. Percy started his work during Schooling as a laborer in a local cloth mill at the age of 13. Latter on he completed his education in engineering and he became apprenticed to a wire drawer. There was a very low wage during his apprenticeship and he left his apprenticeship. Later on he started his work as an unskilled in an engineering firm. He learned basic skills in engineering firm, after that he joined his father business” to repair the machine tool used as ammunition during the 1st World War. His father, James Shaw died in 1929 and after his father’s death, Percy started his own small Business as a “Road Contractor. Percy Shaw also received OBE from the British Empire.

If we talk about the invention of the Percy Shaw, then his world’s renowned invention is “car’s eye”. It had an invention just for the purpose of lighting on the road in the dark. He came up with the idea of cat’s eye with several stories. The most important is that he describe that he was driving down on the difficult road from the Old Dolphin Public Clayton Heights then a small cat on a fence along the road looked at the car and reflected with is head light back to him, and allowing him to take corrective action and remain on the road. Then He got the idea of cat’s eye came up in his mind. Latter on he established a Firm with the name of “ Reflecting Roadstuds Ltd.
Percy Shaw never married, Latter on after the Second World War he caught in cancer and Heart Problem and died in December, 1976 at the age of 86 years. He was buried in Booth Town Mansion, Halifax. After his death, he was listed in top 50 Greatest People of Yorkshire in 2005.

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