Percy Williams Bridgman Facts-Percy W. Bridgman Short Summary

Percy Williams Bridgman Facts-Percy W. Bridgman Short Summary

Percy William Bridgman was one of the famous Noble Prized American Physicist. He won the Noble Prized due to his high work on high Pressures, he defined the Pressure with   fully definition. He wrote different books about scientific method and the philosophy of Science.

Percy W. Bridgman was born on April 21, 1882 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Bridgman got his early education from the Government School, which is nearby the city of Newton. After Secondary education, he got admission in Harvard University. From the Harvard University He received his BS degree in Physics in 1904. He continued his education the Harvard and got his PhD Degree from the Harvard University. After PhD he Joined the Faculty of Harvard as an Instructor in 1910, He continued his research in physics and about different scientific Method and later on he appointed as an Assistant Professor in 1919. Latter on he become the Professor of Natural philosophy in 1926.  In his ending Career in 1950, he joined the Higgins University as a Professor.

Bridgman continued his research in the Physics and described the effects of high Pressures on material. He also described the thermodynamics method of different scientific branches and behavior of Pressure on different items. Bridgman also described the complete investigations on the properties of matter at pressures of more than 100,000 atmospheres. He also described the study of Compressibility, Electric conductivity, thermal conductivity Tensile Strength and viscosity of different compounds. He explained the method of Packing in the presence of internal and external pressure.  He continued his Contribution in Crystallography, in which he explained the devised method of growing single crystals and the different problems of electric conduction in metals. Bridgman was also the strong supporters of the Operational viewpoint, considering it meaningless to interpret the  physical concept, except as they are capable of  different observations.

Professor William Bridgman Wrote different scientific journal about physics and scientific method. He wrote different books included Dimensional Analysis, The Logic of Modern Physics, The Physics of High Pressure, The Thermodynamics of Electrical Phenomena in Metals, The nature of Physical Theory, The Intelligent Individual and Society, The Nature of Thermodynamics and Reflection of Physics.

In the Honor of Professor  William Bridgman, The Stevens Institute awarded an Honor  Degree in Doctor of Science, American Academy of Arts and Science awarded him the “ Rumford Medal “, Franklin Institute Awarded him the Cresson Medal, The New York award of academic research  and the Nobel Prize in 1946.

William Bridgman married in 1912 and he has only one daughter and one son. After covering his long distance of life with different awards and achievement, he died on August 20, 1961, He Buried in New Hampshire, USA. God May his Soul Rest in Peace.



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