Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras

Introduction And Early Life

PetrosPeteSampras was born in born August 12, 1971. He was the world No1 Greek American Tennis Player.Pete Sampras was the greatest player in the history of Tennis game. He played his first match in 1988 and kept winning continuously till 2002. His early residence was Maryland United States.. He won 64 total titles in his career.He won the most number of Wimbledon titles along with the US Open, French Open and Australian Open.

Tennis Desire and Career

He was 3 years old when he found a tennis racket in the basement of his house. He started playing with it and grew deep interest in the game later on. His family moved to California and he started to win the local tournaments and got ready for his first Wimbledon. At.At the age of 16 he was playing Tennis professionally. He was ranking as world 81 in 1988 and improved his rank in 1990 to become the No5.

In 1990 he lost the French Open but managed to win us Open. He defeated Andre Agassi in the final. Sampras successfully defended his championship in 1991 in the US Open until he lost to Jim Courier in the quarter finals. In 1992 he reached the semi finals of French Open and he also made his appearance in Summer Olympics.

In 1993 he reached the semi finals of Australian Open, but lost to Stephan Edberg. Later in the French Open he retained the world no 1 position for first time. He defeated No1 Jim Courier. In 1994 he won the Australian Open in 1994 by defeating Todd Martin. He was very good in the grass courts when it came to serving. His strong instincts made him super star.

On the clay surfaces, the Sampras was a bit weaker as compared to grass grounds.He lost the French Open in 1996 in quarter finals. But he played some phenomenal matches on the clay as well. He also won in the 1998 on the clay court in Atlanta Georgia. In 1997 he won his second Australian Open. He was challenged by Marcelo Rios in 1998 when he failed to defend his Australian Open title. 1999 was a bit disappointing year to start with. But he regained his legacy by winning 24 matches including his victory over Andre Agassi in the Wimbledon Final.

In 2002 he played the semi final of Australian Open. He lost in the final of 2001 and had to suffer an exit from the Wimbledon by losing early in the second round. He did not took part in the next four events afterwards and finally announced his retirement from Internal game in 2003.  He won 64 top level singles titles and 2 doubles titles.He remained No1 in the Tennis world for six consecutive years which were from 1993 to 1998.

Post Retirement

Sampras played his first exhibition match in 2006 after his retirement.He also announced that he will also play in some more events in the year 2007. He lost his first three exhibition matches in 2007. Sampras palyed another exhibition match in 2008 in Madison Square Garden and lost the match. He attended the 2009 Wimbledon final. He played doubles matches with Andre Agassi afterwards that year.In 2011 Sampras again played and lost an exhibition match against Milos Raonic.

Sampras had the biggest rivalri with Andre Agassi in his career and his fight for No1 in the world. Ever since 1990, Agassi has been his major opponent in the Wimbledon. He was a great server with all round skill. He had clear strategy and played all round. He was able to work wonders from forehand and backhand. He used the racket Wilson Pro Staff Original. He also a black painted racket in his later years in 2011. His wife Stella Sampras is also a Tennis Head Coach.



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