Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock were twin sisters aged 11 and 6 respectively and died a tragic young death in England when a car struck them. They were church going good girls and were holy Jesus followers.Their mother gave birth to two more girls after their death, and it was believed that those two girls were born again in the form of Joanna and Jacqueline.

The Mystery and Real Story

In 1957, the two girls Jacqueline who was  6 years old , and Joanna was 11 year old. They were living a loving and happy life with their parents Pollock and Florence. The town of Hexam England was so lovely. The tragedy struck them on May 5th, 1957.

The little girls were happily going towards the church when they were suddenly hit by a car and killed. Their parents were devastated by this schocking news. They moved their house from Hexam town to  Whitley. The mother gave birth to two more girls . They started living with two more normal girls in their new house.

They came back to visit Hexam town when the girls were 4 years old. The parents were amazed and astonished to their extent when they found out that the little girls actually recognized the places of their old home town in London.They became very confused . The girls pulled out the old toys of their older dead sisters and called out every bear and doll exactly.

This seemed very abnormal but they could not believe their eyes when they saw the same scar on for head of the little girl that was on the head of dead daughter. The mother florence was convinced that the tiwns had re-born again and have re-incarnated. The girls began to scream terribly when they sat in the car. They began to have horrific memories of the accident their sisters had.

That went on till the girls turned five. they began to forget the memories of their sisters and began to live normally again. Pollock and Florence had never discussed the tragic death of their daughters with the little girls again. But that remains a mystery if the reincarnation was real or not for those girls. Maybe they could be co-incidences. God only knows !

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