Queen Elizabeth I The great Queen of England

Queen Elizabeth I The great Queen of England

Queen Elizabeth I was the great Queen of the England and Ireland. Queen Elizabeth I worked hard during her rule over the England and introduced many Useful laws and also set the many rules of the counsel. Queen Elizabeth I was very intelligent girl and also know how to handle the situations. By this technique Queen Elizabeth I was a best ruler than her father and other siblings. Queen Elizabeth’s Era was the great era of the Government in England and wrote by the golden words in the History of the England. Queen
Elizabeth I’s era also known as the Elizabethan era which was also remain part of the Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe’s Dramas.

Queen Elizabeth I was born in 7th of September 1533 in the place of Placentia, Greenwich which was the famous district of England.  In some books we got that the birthplace of Queen Elizabeth I is known as the Greenwich palace, which was change after passing some years into the Elizabeth of York. Queen Elizabeth I was belongs to a very wealthy and richest family of the England. Queen Elizabeth’s father name was Henry also known as the henry VIII who was the king of England. Queen Elizabeth’s mother name was Anne Boleyn who also remains the queen of the great England. Queen Elizabeth I was the princess from her childhood in the age of 2 (two).

Queen Elizabeth I was became the lady Mistress in 1537 in the care of Blanche Herbert and Lady Troy who was died in 1545. Queen Elizabeth’s father was died in 1547 and her half-brother Edward was announced as the King of the England during his childhood when he was just 9 (nine) years old. After passing 6 (six) years the king Edwards was died at the age of 15th, or after six years of ruling over England. After the death of King Edwards the elder sister of Queen Elizabeth I, Mary I was declared as the queen of the England. But Mary I was not interested to rule over the England. Mary I was suggests their council or senate to make the Elizabeth as the queen of the England.

Queen Elizabeth I was declares the Queen of the England in 1558 when she reached at the age of 25th. Queen Elizabeth I take oath as the queen of the Whole England in 1558. When Queen Elizabeth I was young she refused a lot of purposeless of marriage. Queen Elizabeth I was not interested in marriage. Queen Elizabeth I remains bachelor till her death. Queen Elizabeth I had the great friendship relationship with Nicholas Hilliard which also remain till her death.

Queen Elizabeth I was introduced many Foreign policies in England. During the rule over England Queen Elizabeth I loss the Le Havre in 1562, which was the part of England. During the rule over England Queen Elizabeth I made the Half Groat in coins. During Queen Elizabeth I government England start the trade and diplomatic relations with Ottoman Empire. England also loses the Ireland after defeat in the battle of Armada inn 1588. Queen Elizabeth I became so weak and so ill in 1602. But Queen Elizabeth I health became seriously bad and 24th March 1603 at the age of 69 in Richmond Palace, Surrey in England. She was the great Queen in the history of England..

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