Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis

Robert Lee Zemeckis was born in March 1952. He is an award winning American film maker and a director. He writes stories for his movies for which he gained a lot of success.In 1980 his first major hit was romancing the stone. He took Michael Douglas in it.

Early Life and Career

he was born in  Chicago, Illinois. His mother was Italian American and father was American. He went to study in Roman Catholic School . He loved movies in the childhood and was inspired by his family camera. His parents did not allow him to go to movie school. He grew up loving movies and applied at the University of Southern California. He was initially rejected but he went to plea them a request that he would do good in his grade and got accepted.  He won the student Academy Award.

Breakthrough in Film industry

Robert was a good student but he had hard time finding work in the start. The great director was jobless when Michael Douglas called him to make Romancing the Stone. The film became a hit unexpectedly.

Then he had his screen play for a movie about space time travel. He named it Back To  The Future and filmed with Michael J Fox and Christopher LLoyd in 1985. The film became massive hit world wide due to its unique new storyline and acting. He made Who Framed Roger Rabbit in mid 80s with 70 million dollars. Forest Gump in 1994 was his first dramatic success.

His most memorable and creepiest TV series was during 1989 to 1996. Tales from the Crypt was the longest TV series as well after the Twilight Zone is 80s.

In 2011 , he made the Mars Need Moms which turned out to be the worst flop in the Hollywood history. He ended his relationship with Image Movers and made an action movie Flight in 2012. The 30th anniversary of Back To the Future was celebrated with musical party. In 2014 , he was working in his next move the Walk. In the ninetees he worked with Tom Hanks and made What Lies Beneath with Harrison Ford. He made the polar express in 2004. It was a good entertainment for the kids and young people throught the world. He wrote the script for Christmas Carol from the Charles Dickens 1943 story.

Personal Life

Robert sacrificed his personal life for his career. He worked hard for all the money he has right now for 44 years. He had problems in his marriage due to film making activity and it ended in divorce in 2001. For the 2016 plan, he has written the World War II which is supposed to be a romantic thriller.

Robert is a true supported of Democratic party. He also supports the general public interests like family planning and Hollywood women.

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