Romain Rolland, a great dramatist, novelist, historian and mystic.

Romain Rolland,  a great dramatist, novelist, historian and mystic.

Romaine  Rolland Was born on  January 29, 1866 in Clemency Nerve.  He was a French dramatist, novelist, essayist, historian and mystic. Rolland was awarded with the Nobel Prize  for Literature in 1915 “ as a tribute to the  lofty idealism for his literaryhay production and row the sympathy and love of truth with which he has described different  types of human beings. His mind Sculpted by a passion for music and hero – worship, he sought a means of communion among men his entire life… Rolland looked for peace during and after the first World War in the Works of  the philosophers of India “ Conservation with the RabindranathTagore and Mohandas Gandhi”, then in the new world that the Soviet Union initially wanted to achieve, But  Rolland  would not find peace except in writing his works.

He belonged to a family of Notaries. He had both peasants and wealthy towns people in his lineage. Writing introspectively in his Voyage interior (1`942), Rolland sees himself as a representative for “antique Species”. Rolland cast these ancestors in a truculent bawdy tale cola Breugnon (1919). Accepted to the Cole Normal Superior in 1886, Rolland first studies, philosophy, but his independence spirit led him to abandon that so as not to submit the dominant Ideology.  Rolland received his degree in history in 1889 and spent two years in Rome, Where his encounter with Malinda von Meysenburg, who had been the friend of Nietzsche and of Wagner. Rolland discovery of Italian master pieces was decisive for the development of his thought. When Rolland Returned to France in 1895, he received his doctoral degree with his thesis. The origins of modern lyric theatre and his doctoral dissertation, A History of Opera in Europe before Lully and Scarlatti.

Rolland also worked as a teacher, paints and a loner. He became the history teacher at Lice Henri Iv, then at the Lice Louis Le Grand, and the evolve Françoise de Rome. He also taught as a professor of the History of Music at the Sorbonne, and history professor at the Cole Normal Superior. He did not teach in longer period being a demanding, yet timid and as Youngman. Rolland was tattle different to the youth, Jean Christopher, Oliver and their friends—the heroes of his novels were young pealed. Rolland Maintained minted distant relationships other than living youths like adults… Rolland as, above all, was a writer.  He earned a modest income through literature; he resigned from the university in 1912. He was also a lifelong pacifist. In 1924, his books on Gandhi contributed to the latter’s reputation and latter of these two men met in 1931.

After moving to the shores of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva), Rolland devoted himself to writing. His Life was interrupted by health problems, and by travels to art exhibitions. His journey to Moscow (1935), on the invitation of Maxim Gorky, was an opportunity to meet Stain, and he served unofficially as ambassador of the French artist to the Soviet Union. He came back to live in vilely in 1937, which was occupied by the Germans in 1940.  During the profession, Rolland Isolated himself in complete desolation. In 1940, Rolland finished his memoirs with never stopping his work. He wrote Peggy in 1944, in which he examines religion and Socialism through the context of his memories. He died on December 30, 1944.

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