ROME (Italy)

ROME (Italy)

ROME (Italy)

The capital city of Italy is Rome. It is located in the Lazio region. Rome has a population of of 2.9 million  and a residents in 1,285 km2 area. It is the most populated and largest place in the Italy as well as the most historical city of Europe. 4.3 million residents live in Rome. Rome became first one of the major centers of the Italian Renaissance.Rome has a status of Global City. It is listed in UNESCO as the most historic cities of the world. 1960 Summer Olympics were hosted there and it is the home of FAO.

The Ancient Legends and History

The history of rome is most exciting and the legends were revealed in the great history. The story of Romulus and Remus was the main historic story in which two twins were eaten ny a she-wolf. Bishop of Rome was very very popular during the ancient history when modern age had not begun. The modern age began in the 15th century. The Italian Renaissance moved to Rome From Florence.

The Climate

Its average annual temperature is above 20 °C. The coldest months are December, January and February. The snowfall is rare in Rome but still some snow is possible.Only after 20-25 years the major snowfall occurs and the last one was in the 2012.


The Roman Catholic religion is the most important religion in the Rome.Other religions are also present like Christianity, Islam and Hiduism. Mosque of the Rome was the largest mosque in the city. It is the center of the Jewish community. The architecture of Rome was developed after a long hard thinking in the ancient times. It is classic in Europe.


Between 1922 and 1943 the Fascist architecture was the most famous building style of the Rome.Rome is the greenery capital of Europe as it is full of parks and green gardens. This green space include the large villas with beautiful landscapes presenting the ultimate natural beauty. Rome is also the city of Foundtains. The fountains are not only decorated but also provide the drinking water to the people. They are a lovely source of fresh clean water.

Rome is also very well known city for its popular European style statues.The statue of Rome is the most popular there are talking statues: the Pasquino and the Marforio in Rome. These are the elegance and grace of the city.The city of Rome is full of numerous famous bridges.It is also known as the city of ancient catacombs.


 Rome is a city of Education and it contains principal institutions of the nation. It wsa ranked among the 2014 as 32nd in the Global Cities Index. If Rome was a country, it is predicted that it would have been the 52nd richest country by GDP in the world. It is 9th city in Italy which is which has the highest average income of people. The rome has a GDP amounting GDP amounting to $167.8 billion. A large number of universities and colleges like  La Sapienza are in Rome. Also the education standards are wold class and the Sapienza University of Rome ranked as the 62nd in the world.

Education And Culture

 Università Campus Bio-Medico, Cabot University and Venerable English College are the best in Rome. The culture of Roam is always fun loving and musical. There is intense musical scene in the city and the bands are famous for the worldwide great music. The tourism industry is also very good and monuments and catacombs add to the great culture of the city. Rome is also the Fashion Capital of the World. A lots of Cuisine are there and the cinema of Italy depends on Rome. The larges stadium of Europe is Stadio Olimpico which is in Rome. The major football and soccer tournaments are played there.


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