Sadat Hassan Manto, A Great story writer

Sadat Hassan Manto, A Great story writer

When you talk about Urdu Adab (Urdu Literature) and Urdu Stories. Glimpsplse of few personalities comes in your mind. In those personalities, a person there is always presents with all famous Urdu writers, whose name is Sadat Hassan Manto. British Indian and Kashmiri born Sadat Hassan Manton One of the famous writer infect a legendry writer of Urdu Literature. There is a famous admirering saying about Him that “Manto can think simultaneously as male character and as well as Female character”. He presents such a prefect characterization in his stories that no one can resist him including in Pakistani legendry writer. His most brilliant and influential stories like Khol do , Thanda Gosht , Toba tek sIngh are always remain favorite part of Urdu literary critics.

Early life and home:

Sadat Hassan Manto’s father Ghlam Hasan Manto was Kishmiri by cast. Ghulam Hassan manto was engage in two marriages. From his first wife he has four boys and one girl and with his second wife which engage with Sardar Begum, a girl and Manto was one of the boy from her. His Father was a judge at time when Manto born. He was born on 11 may 1912.In early life Manto spend his nearly eighteen years in Amritsar. There is saying, manto was left his home in matriculation study due to His father harsh behavior.

Early Education and life:

Early education Manto was taken from his home. Manton was not very fond of study. He was several times failed in matriculation exams from M.A.O Middle school. After third or fourth attempt he was successful to complete his metric. He first takes admission for F. A, from in Hindu Sabha college and then his second year he take admission again in M.O college.

writing and inspiration:

After meeting with Bari Alaig shb (a very famous scholar), he was started reading literature. A big part of his writing, he was remaining under influence of French and Russian literature. He adopted new trends and introduced them into urdu literature. His consider in progressive writers of his time. His first completion was Translation of Victor Hugo’s novel “the last day of a condemned man”, and is first job when he Join All India Radio in 1941. During the time in Radio, He produced and writes several radio plays and continued write short stories.

Death and Funeral

Nearly one year after partition, Manto Migrated to Pakistan in Lahore. He lived rest of life in Lahore. He write stories, work in Newspapers, radio and television. Here after migration he wrote his most considerable work through which he lived among us today. Manto was excessive alcoholic person, and this becomes the reason of death. He was died in 1951 due liver disorder.

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