Sadequain, A legendary Pakistani Artist

Sadequain, A legendary Pakistani Artist

Syed Sadequain Ahmad Naqvi famoused as Sadequain , not only his name but his work, same known as his name. Writing about Sadequain or emulated about sadequain stands as great deal, when you would come to know almost all the artist community followed her work. These phenomena lead him to classist. Watching Sadequain work, some cannot simply just go through of it without admiration.

Awards and Achievments:

Recently in London auction house his painting has been sold for 108000 US dollar. It’s just little part of admiration which He earning not only for himself but for his country Pakistan to. In Pakistan Sadequain was awarded with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Pride of performance, and Sitara-e-Imtiaz. Sadequain often reffered as Sadequain Naqqah, Sadequain considered the fines painter and calligrapher of Pakistan. He is best known for his skills as calligrapher and painter, but he also does poetry often.

Creation and work:

Sadequain was once invited by French authorizes to illustrate the Albert Camus novel, he canvas poetry of Ghalib, Iqbal and Faiz as homage to their place in classical literature. Through his work he tries depict the man’s struggle. He is fully command over literature and adab , that he wrote several rubayat and published into several books .in 2003 a book, holly sinner was published , who compiled a number of his catalogue which is published from Karachi.

calligraphy and styles:

Sadequain consider the renaissance of Islamic Calligraphy in Pakistan. He built serious expression. He claimed that his transformation of calligraphy is divine. As we can also see by studying him and knowing him that he was not a follower of formal traditions and was created his own styles of script

death and funeral

Sadequain was died on 10 fabruary in 1987 in Karachi. He was buried in North Nazimabad town graveyard in Karachi. He was khtat (calligrapher) of Quranic verses, God will bless him with this regards.

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