Sardar Abdur rab Nishater, 2nd governor of punjab

Sardar Abdur rab Nishater, 2nd governor of punjab

Sardar Abdur rab khan Nishater was born on 13 june 1899. His father was civil servant, mostly worked at contracts and was a rich man. When Sardar grew up his father asked him to join their family business but he resisted and expresses his wish for continuing study. Early education He takes form mission high school and later sanatan dharram high school in Peshawar. Saradar aabdul rab nishter gained his bachelor of honor degree in Persian on 1923 from Punjab University. In keep persisted with his father for more education he join Aligarh, which was at that time consider a great honor studying in Aligarh. In Aligarh He take admission for studying law and successfully accomplished his LL.B degree on 1925. He was privileged during his law to meet with legendry persons like Mulana Muhammad Ali johar , who later led the khilafat movements. Sardar played important role in khilafat movement and co work with Muhammad Ali johar, who was leading the khilafat movement.

Political Participation:

Returning back home to Peshawar, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishter start practicing law. He was conducted himself into political life, by joining Indian national congress on 1927 and successfully elected for municipal committee. In 1929 Sardar abdul rab Nishter Joined all India Muslim League with Muhammad Ali Jinnah and remain engaged till 1946. Sardar Abdur Nishter provide solid support to all India Muslim league in frontier and active part in making of Pakistan.

Governorship of Punjab:

When Pakistan came into existence , Sardar Abdur Rab Nishter was sworn as the first minister of communication in cabinet of Liaquat Ali Khan. In 1949 Nishter was appointed Governor of Punjab by replacing Sir Franxis Mudie (first governor of Punjab) sardar’s governorship ended in 1951. He was planned third medical college in Punjab which is now situated in multan and named after him.

poetry and Islah:

Only few know that Nishter was also a good poet. He was used his pen name as “Nishter” he was student of very well know poet Akbar Allahabadi , who nearly three years Islah(advised) Nishter in poetry. Mainly he was use patriotic and devotional theme in his poetry. Often he wrote for Iqbal’s style to shake the Muslims. Last of the age he spent his life Karachi, where he died on February 1958.

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