Scott Joseph Kelly

Scott Joseph Kelly

Scott Joseph Kelly is an American Astronaut, and engineer and a retired Navy captain.He was selected for a long year mission in November 2012 which began in March 2015. He also has a twin brother called Mark Kelly. Kelly brothers are both privileged to have travelled in the space. His first flight was as a pilot in 1999. He took over the command of space station in November 2010.Kelly was born in Orange, New Jersey,

born February 21, 1964, he set the record of travelling the most number of days in space. State University of New York Maritime College. He also attended the  U.S. Naval Test Pilot School at Naval Air Station . He worked as a test pilot after graduation. He was the Aircraft Test Squadron. He was the best pilot and a great astronaut.

He has flown over 8,000 flight-hours in more than 40 different aircraft and spacecraft. kelly retired after a service of 25 years. He made 250 successful career landings which was a great proof of his flying abilities into the space.


He was a captain in the US Navy. He selected NASA in April 1996. he received the trainings from NASA and in April 1996 he joined the Astronaut Office.His first flight was  STS-103 . After that he was promoted as the Director of Operations in NASA in Russia. He also joined the  NEEMO 4 mission for an underwater laboratory. He survived under the extreme conditions in his three days mission under the water. He also received a warning about the storm headed his way. With the great planning of Kelly, the team was able to live under water for five days.

Space Experience

kelly was also the pilot of an eight days mission flight  STS-103 Discovery. There, he was successfully able to stalled new instruments and upgraded systems. The mission was finally accomplished after being travelled in the space of Travelling 3.2 million miles.

His another important mission as a commander was  STS-118 Endeavour. 

In 2007, they upgraded the system and achieved a new landmark. He spent time on the Expedition 25 mission with his fellow commander Douglas and Engineer Shannon.

Expedition 26 was another one of his great missions successfully leaded and completed.

Then in 2012, he went on a year long mission with NASA, he was selected for his past record and great capabilities.

Education And Peronal Life

kelly graduated from mountain high school in 1982.He received BS degree in electrical engineering. He went to Network Maritime College. The did ms degree in Aviation from the University of Tennessee in 1996. He is divorced and has two daughters. His sister in law is the former congress woman from Arizona.


kelly received a lot of awards in his career. A brief list is:

Legion of Merit

Navy Achievement Record

Navy Unit Condemnation

National Defence Service Medal

South Asia Serivice Medal

NASA Distinguished Service Medal

NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal

NASA Space Flight Medal (3 awards)





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